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For Such A Time As This…


I cannot speak too highly of the anointed messages and broken heart of compassion for the condition of the church in America, which is expressed in the encyclopedic website that is facilitated by Ron McGatlin. has been and remains one of my favorite sites for tapping the pulse of what the Holy Spirit is saying to the church today.

I have been stripped, convicted, and challenged with the sober sense of looking into the eyes of a Holy God who spends much too much time grieving over our condition. This is changing and will change dynamically as we respond to The Call (see my initial post on this weblog).

Please note that this post is only small portions of a vastly more in-depth series of teachings directly relating to the Kingdom of Heaven touching earth… through us! Please read these words prayerfully and ponder their significance for your life and position in the Kingdom as a prince or princess in the household of the King of Glory. This is our calling… this is our destiny!

Excerpts from An Urgent and Crucial Time by Ron McGatlin

There possibly has never been a more crucial season. The people who are called by the name of God are carrying the ultimate potential for the blessing or the devastation of nations and multitudes. The church is pregnant with a colossal worldwide awakening. The birthing time is upon us. The enormous transition will be made or it will be missed. At least as far as this season in history is concerned. The magnitude of the potentially earth changing awakening cannot be overstated.

The warnings are screaming forth that the transition must be made now. Trumpets are blowing, the earth is shouting and groaning, the nations are trembling and God is speaking.

The seriousness and potential of the season demands humble boldness. Humble people of God must rise up and boldly lift the standard of the Holy One. Leaders, it is not time to continue on as we have been. We must be boldly honest and move with uncompromising resolve into the reality of the work of the Spirit dissolving weak religious ways and bringing forth the powerful works of God…

…With tears the Spirit of Christ speaks from the high hill with outstretched arms, again dripping with precious blood, calling, calling, calling, “Turn, look up and come up here. Turn to Me and let Me love you, let Me save you from your own life of twisted ways, that lead to devastation and death. Come and experience all My Father and I have prepared for you… prepare to become sons of My Father, kings and priests with Me. Now is the time. Make the transition in this day for night soon comes when you can do nothing.”…

…There is a people coming forth that love God above all else and will give all they have and all they are to become the truly humble and holy people of God. Purity and holiness are again becoming the goal of life for the Kingdom of God people coming forth in the world today….

…God is poised and ready to hear our sincere and desperate prayer for worldwide awakening. His ear is leaned forward listening for our prayer of turning from our ways unto Him and His ways. In painful long-suffering He waits. The angels await His signal to pour out their censors of golden liquid fire upon an awakening repentant people. God rejoices in the return of a prodigal world. He takes no pleasure and is greatly saddened in the devastation of the wayward….

…Much of the church has been and is spiritually asleep. Eyes and ears are closed to the Kingdom of God and to the reality of the condition of our world. Many who should be leaders have become discouraged to the point of giving up and walking away from the sleeping church. We must wake up! It is time for a spiritual awakening that will lead to transition from where we have been as a church. There must be a transition to the reality o f the supernatural presence of God moving in and through the people of God. There needs to be a transition from a church-emphasis type of church to a Kingdom of God type of church, no longer a man-centered, man pleasing church, but becoming truly God-centered and God focused worship in all areas of life….

…There is a place of repentance before us. I believe, a season of intercession and repentance, turning to God and seeking Him. He will be found. There may or may not be another season like this one. Call a solemn assembly, turn fully to Him, pray desperately for your people, your nation, the nations of the world to be awakened and do not stop until it comes or until He says the season is finished

This is a transition that must come. A shift to the reality of God’s direct leadership and the laying down of our systems and traditions of weak ways. A transition to the reality of true holiness in the lives of His people. A shift to true humility and purity of heart. A shift to the power of God moving in every meeting or encounter. A shift to intimate saturation in the Holy Spirit and prayer that changes us and the world around us.

We have this time to awaken and make this transition. Let’s let God take over and make the shift now.

Excerpts from We Are Kingdom Potential by Ron McGatlin

You are Kingdom potential… Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” The potential for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is within people. Within the Body and Bride of Christ is the potential to save (“sozo” heal and deliver) the world. The Spirit of God implanting the life of Christ Jesus within His people there is the potential for the Kingdom of God on earth.

However, for the most part we don’t really believe that. We are still in need of fully receiving a revelation of ‘Christ in you the hope of glory(Col.1:27)…

Luke 17:29-21“The Kingdom of God does not come with observation; nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the Kingdom of God is within you.”

Phil. 2:13… for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.

The Kingdom of God in earth is a divine-human partnership. It is redeemed earthlings filled with the heavenly, divine Spirit of Christ Jesus. The reality of the powerful presence of Christ abiding within God’s people by the Holy Spirit is the potential for the love and power of the Kingdom of God from Heaven on earth.

We struggle to believe the words of Christ Jesus because we have been taught differently…

…The condition of the masses today is the result of the teaching of knowledge, morals, and values apart from the wisdom of God.

The world is lost through false education. Secular humanism was trained into the western world. Higher learning became [secular] humanized instead of spiritualized and trained young people away from truth into false values. They were led away from God and His ways to human governance of life.

This left the door open for lying spirits to invade with their false reality…

…That, my friends, is why we have difficulty believing the truth of the Kingdom of Light- the gospel of the Kingdom of God. We have been trained in false concepts much more than we may think. Churches have been limited by the affects of this kind of training as well…

If Christ and His Kingdom are a major focus of life and not merely a part of everyday life and education, the child will become an adult that can release the Kingdom of God from within to the world.

Preach and teach the Kingdom of God in wisdom demonstrated by power and love.

Excerpts from Refined by Love and Fire by Ron McGatlin

In the passing church emphasis age, we seem to have a bit of a religious barrier or cushion between the practical reality of our lives and the spiritual holiness of God. It is like we were lightly aware of God’s holiness and our lack of not being truly holy and pure in our daily living. To many of us this did not seem to be too big of a problem. Someway, we reasoned that we were about as close to being holy as we could be under the circumstances of our lives.

In the Kingdom emphasis age, this has greatly changed. The barrier or cushion is completely passing away leaving us to realize we are uncovered and open before Him and the world. We are becoming acutely aware of what God and perhaps some others have seen all along. Our impure mixture is becoming evident to us. I am not speaking personally here but as a broad spectrum of the church.

I Peter 1:15-16… but as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, because it is written, “Be holy, for I am holy.”

The passionate love of God is being manifest in His presence, drawing us to leave all our other gods and come fully unto Him. His love purifies us if we run after Him leaving all our religious and worldly treasures. His Kingdom in us is the pearl of great price. The treasure hidden in the field of His Kingdom is living intimately with Christ for which we quickly sell all to obtain…

The purifying, refining fire of God is increasingly burning in the earth to destroy and dissolve the wood, hay, and stubble of impure and unclean worldly mixtures from His Kingdom.

The choice is ours now. We can respond to His intimate pure love drawing (wooing) us by running after Him and leaving all else, or we can fail to respond and wait to endure the fires of purification burning the things we sought to hold on to. We will suffer a great sense of pain and loss if we do not willingly leave all to run after Him. Our treasures will be burned and the things we lived for will go up in smoke in the refining fire…

…Beyond the fires of refinement, we will praise Him and draw near to Him and His love. Experiencing the joy of life with Him in the beauties of real holiness will quickly heal us of all the pain of loss from the fire. We will not again long for our earthly treasures and pleasures. We will have no appetite for the things of the spirit of the world and religion. As we then truly delight in Him, all our earthly and heavenly needs will be fully met.

Most people, including many westernized Christians, have been robbed of the beauties of holiness.

God desires to bring His people closer to Himself. He is changing our focus from carnal pleasures and worldly good things to pure holy oneness with Him as His sons [and daughters]. Many have bought into fallacious concepts of delighting their souls in worldly pleasures instead of delighting in the Lord.

Psalm 37:4-6… Delight yourself also in the LORD, and He shall give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the LORD, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass. He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light, and your justice as the noonday…

There is an awakening coming soon. Some are prophesying this fall [‘07] as the beginning of an explosive awakening bringing purification and holiness leading to real oneness with God. Many people and groups are praying desperately for a move of God. This awakening could be a major step toward the consecration of many as priests and kings.

Excerpts from His Love Call To His Bride by Ron McGatlin

The reality of being spiritually in love with Jesus is the force that will change the world.

Once we understand that our natural affections and romantic feelings are a replica of the spiritual- for making us aware of our relationship with God, the door is opened to the most fulfilling life with God possible in the world…

…Man was created to become the spiritual mate to Spirit God. Human beings are the only beings in all creation formed in the image and likeness of God and suitable to be the object of His passionate love. The spiritual Bride is being formed from the Body of Christ just as Adam’s mate was built up from his body. The longing of God for His mate is like the longing in mankind—His replicated image and likeness…

…We must experience what it means to keep [y]our eyes upon Jesus, look full into His wonderful face and fall in love with Him alone…

…The world will be changed, not by armies and not by religion, but by the pure holy passionate love of Jesus flowing into His people and out to the dry thirsty people of the world. There is no other way. The passionate love of God that draws us into deep spiritual romantic love with Him and consumes our hearts and lives completely will conquer the [whole] world.

As I, Santos, mentioned these are insightful portions of the more extensive and profound full essays that our dear brother Ron has posted on the Open Heaven website. Please go often to and feast on the ‘meaty’ food that this Elder and so many other wonder-filled brothers and sisters share.

Without exaggeration- the Kingdom Growth Guides are some of the most precious teachings I have been privileged to study in depth; they are truly transforming. In future posts I will be often referring to this site and its content since it is resonating with what the Body of Christ so desperately needs.

For deeper insight into how GOD the Father sees His children; to better understand the elementary principles of Christ (Hebrews 6:1-3); the ‘mysteries’ of Christ’s Kingdom; and our individual and corporate calling, commission, and empowerment- please review my first published book via the Table of Contents on the Amazon website linked here via Book Title:  “Thy Kingdom Come- Here and Now!”

‘When I Call On Jesus’ by Darlene Zshech with Hillsong 


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