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Heaven Touching Earth: Part I


Many years ago the Lord impressed me with my life scripture- the verses that I was to live out during my days in this mortal coil. The address is imprinted on one of my numerous bibles, and is indelibly imprinted on my heart.

II Timothy 4:1-5… I solemnly charge you before God and Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead by His appearing and His kingdom: Proclaim the word; be ready in season and out of season; convict, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and teaching. For the time will come when they will not tolerate the healthy teaching; but according to their own lusts they will heap up to themselves teachers, having itching ears, and they will turn away their ear from the truth and will be turned aside to myths. But you, be sober in all things, suffer evil, do the work of an evangelist, fully accomplish your ministry.

LivingStreamMinistry- Recovery Version (

Not only does the world need to hear the gospel of the Kingdom to get saved, healed, delivered, and enter into the abundant life promised by the Lord Jesus Christ himself… but the church needs mentoring into the present truths of the organic word of God. This is the purpose of this weblog.

Hebrews 4:12… For the word of God is living and operative and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing even to the dividing of soul and spirit and of joints and marrow; and able to discern the thoughts and intentions of the heart. (lsm)

Yet I must include this disclaimer-

I John 2:27… And as for you, the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you have no need that anyone teach you; but as His anointing teaches you concerning all things and is true and is not a lie, and even as it has taught you, abide in Him. (lsm)

This exhortation from the Apostle John does not contradict the ministry of teaching, which is one of the five-fold ascension gifts that our Lord gave to the church. What it does do is put the responsibility for accurately receiving and weighing carefully all instruction in this life- on the hearers, whether spiritual or secular through the watchful eye of the Holy Spirit.

I have carefully followed the prophetic teaching ministry of Rick Joyner since 1989 when my pastor at the time encouraged me to read The Harvest. This book spoke of a hopeful future of a glorious church winning the world of lost souls, by falling deeply in love with our Savior. Since then I have read some 15 books or more that are available through the ministry ( I have also read every single issue of the quarterly Morning Star Journal since its inception in 1990. This post will focus on the great service that this ministry has done to the Body of Christ in their focus in 2006 on the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Vol. 16:1-4 are:

  • Living in The Kingdom
  • Kingdom Authority
  • Kingdom Power
  • The Gospel of the Kingdom

Part I will cover the first two issues; later Part II will have excerpts from the last two journals.

By contacting the ministry through their website you can purchase the entire set for a nominal fee. Each volume is 112 pages in length, and the excerpts that are quoted on this post are a glimmer of the serious teaching that is available for edification, exhortation, comfort, and warning. On the website there are special features such as Rick’s Word for the Week, Special Bulletins, resources available, The Nehemiah Project info, and their streaming audio library. I do not receive any compensation for anything on this post; my reward is knowing that some will follow through and via this and other links that will be posted periodically will grow up as we all need…

Ephesians 4:13-16… Until we all arrive at the oneness of the faith and of the full knowledge of the Son of God, at a full-grown man, at the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ, that we may be no longer little children tossed by waves and carried about by every wind of teaching in the sleight of men, in craftiness with a view to a system of error. But holding the truth in love, we may grow up into Him in all things, who is the Head, Christ, out from whom all the Body, being joined together and being knit together through every joint of the rich supply and through the operation in the measure of each one part, causes the growth of the Body unto the building up of itself in love.

Morning Star Journal- Vol. 16 no. 1 ‘Living in the Kingdom’

Excerpts from article- The Kingdom is Supernatural by Robin McMillan (8 pages)

…When we teach on healing, it should be accompanied not only by people being healed, but by the increased ability of others to minister healing. Our ministry should produce others who minister effectively in each realm of service, whether in the evangelistic realm, the prophetic realm, or any other one.

C.S. Lewis’ Perspective

Down through the ages, some great defenders of the faith honored and defended the supernatural. C.S. Lewis, one of the twentieth century church’s greatest thinkers, often wrote about the importance of the supernatural aspects of our faith. Many know him for his precise and insightful arguments for fundamental Christianity, but have overlooked his thoughts on the supernatural. In his mind, fundamental Christianity and the supernatural were inseparable. He wrote in defense of his faith:

I have been suspected of being what is called a Fundamentalist. That is because I never regarded any narrative as unhistorical simply on the ground that it includes the miraculous (Reflections on the Psalms, page 109).

In another place he wrote:

Do not attempt to water Christianity down. There must be no pretense that you can have it with the supernatural left out. So far as I can see Christianity is precisely the one religion from which the miraculous cannot be separated. You must frankly argue for supernaturalism from the very outset (God in the Dock, ‘Christian Apologetics’ 1945, page 99)…

…Many believe that miracles were exclusively reserved for an earlier era and do not believe that God desires to move in power today. This type of unbelief has eroded the effectiveness of the church in our generation. Our nation is in its present fallen state, in part, because the church has not consistently and publicly demonstrated God’s power. Many trapped in sexual immorality, drug addiction, and other sinful lifestyles need personal power encounters with the Lord to be delivered. We must not only believe that the supernatural events in the Bible happened—we must demonstrate that same kind of power today…

Robin McMillan is currently the pastor of MorningStar Fellowship Church at the Heritage International Ministries (H.I.M.) facilities near Charlotte, North Carolina

Excerpts from article- The Foundation of the Kingdom by Rick Joyner (9 pages)

…As the Bride of Christ, the church has infinite importance. However, it is also a means of fulfilling the ultimate purpose of the gospel, which is as Peter stated in Acts 3:21-

“the restoration of all things.” This is the restoration of everything lost by the Fall, which will only be accomplished by the coming of His Kingdom to the earth. However, the Bride will rule with Him in His Kingdom and must be prepared for this.

This entire church age has been for the purpose of calling and preparing the Bride who will rule with Him in the Kingdom. It is good and right to understand that our purpose is to prepare for what He gave us to pray for, the coming of His Kingdom. The way we can best do that is by helping His bride to “make herself ready.” The building of true, New Testament church life, the way that the Lord intended for it to be, is the foundation upon which the Kingdom will be built. The gospel of the Kingdom, which is yet to be preached in these last days, will be preached by a church that is representative of His Kingdom, exhibiting its nature and power…

… It is for this reason that the apostolic burden is, as the apostle Paul stated, to be in labor “until Christ is formed in you” (Galatians 4:19). Paul was not laboring for them to come into a certain form or pattern for church life, but something much greater. His devotion was to see Christ formed within them. This is much more than just establishing church government or a framework for meetings and ministry. These things are good and necessary, but the apostolic ministry is much more than that. Even the most glorious temple is of little use if God is not in it. The apostolic burden is to see the ‘manifest presence’ of Christ in His people.…

Rick Joyner is the founder, executive director, and senior pastor of MorningStarFellowshipChurch.. Well known author of more than thirty books… he also oversees MorningStar’s School of Ministry, Fellowship of Ministries, and Fellowship of Churches.

Excerpts from the article- The Power of Prophetic Prayer by Becky Fischer (5 pages)

…There seems to be little doubt—this current youth generation is about to make a big mark on the world, both from a spiritual and a natural standpoint. And so we wait for the fulfillment of the prophecies. As we do, there is a recurring thought in my mind that won’t go away. It concerns the little bit I know about revivals of the past, and the nature of prophetic words. Like a number of the great revivals, the great Welsh Revival was led by a very young man, Evan Roberts, and most of the workers were even younger, some even children. History tells us that he and his younger brother and sister prayed earnestly and faithfully for revival in Wales years before it happened.

The landmark Azusa Street Revival came the same way. After a long season of fasting, and relentless prayer, the greatest Pentecostal outpouring in modern history erupted and is still reverberating around the world. It was birthed out of a desperate spiritual hunger for the Spirit of God…

…The point is, for the most part, it appears many revivals are birthed out of focused, deliberate, and unrelenting prayer, and are not the result of some type of spiritual spontaneous combustion or an attitude of what the old song said, “whatever will be will be.”

Prophecy works in a similar way. When one receives a prophetic word from the Lord, it will not automatically come to pass just because it was spoken. To be sure, it is very important to the processes of God that prophetic words are released, as it then gives Him legal access to fulfill them on the earth. There has to be agreement and participation from us on some level before they will come to pass…

… In his book, Transforming Children Into Spiritual Champions, George Barna ( spent time discussing churches that had the greatest success ratios in watching their children grow into teens and young adults who remained committed, engaged, and excited about their faith in Christ. He wrote, “The most important resource, we believe, was the amazing amount of prayer for children and parents that was evident at the most effective ministries to children.” In other words, it should be no surprise that the churches and ministries where children have been bathed in prayer, they have come out the strongest spiritually.

It is crucial that we stop considering children the church of the future—their time is now! When we only think of them and speak of them as the church of the future, we fail to let them be who they are now. Then it is too easy to become mentally complacent thinking we have plenty of time to act before that day comes. It is not about ‘us now’ and ‘them later’. We need a completely new paradigm shift in our thinking.

We need to understand this about the Kingdom of God being established on this earth and it happens as one generation purposely begins to model, mentor, disciple, and train the next generation. And in that mix must be deliberate and concerted prayer over this generation if the prophecies are ever going to come to pass on a worldwide scale. It is not going to sovereignly happen by itself.

There is a place where we need to do something with what has been spoken over this generation. God is waiting for us to act. There is something about our words that releases God’s words, and something about our words that opens up the heavens so God can release angels to do what He said He would do…

Becky Fischer is the director of Kids in Ministry International which focuses on training children and children’s workers around the world for the work of the ministry; she lives in North Dakota.

Excerpt from article- The Kingdom of God Is Coming by David White (7 pages)

…A truly apostolic church is arising in this hour which will advance the Kingdom of God upon the earth in an unprecedented manner. A fresh understanding of what it means to “be sent” is coming back to the church and as a result, cities and even entire regions of the world will be changed forever. We will see Revelation 11:15 beginning to come to pass, “The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!”

Before this will be said of the kingdoms of this world, we can expect it to be said of His own people. We do not have to wait until the age to come to live in His Kingdom—we are called to live in it now, to demonstrate it, and to expand its territory until the King Himself comes…

David White is a pastor and founder of the MobileSchool of the Spirit. He has joined the ministry team at MorningStar Ministries where he is developing and assisting in the leadership of Knights of the Cross a children’s and youth ministry. He also actively travels as a conference speaker.

Excerpts from the article- Birth Pangs Of The Kingdom by Rick Joyner (9 pages)

… The Lord made it clear in His Word that if we are to partake of His life we must also partake of His death “that they who live should no longer live for themselves but for Him…” (II Corinthians 5:15). Any other teaching is a false gospel and an enemy of the cross. Death separates the things that are natural from the things that are spiritual. Again, to have a resurrection, there must first be a death. If we want to walk in the resurrection life of Jesus daily, we must be willing to lay down our lives for Him daily. As the Lord Jesus Himself testifies:

‘If anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whoever wishes to save his life shall lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake shall find it” (Matthew 16:24-25)

The Liberty of Death

Because Israel had to cross the Jordan River to enter their Promised Land, this also speaks of how we must enter into the baptism of the death of the cross before we can attain the promises. This is where the church has now come: We are at a crossing. If we enter into the true baptism, the crucified life, which means that we live each day for Him and not just ourselves, we will start to possess all of the promises of God for His people.

We must also keep in mind that death is the greatest liberation we can ever know. The devil uses fear to bind just as the Lord uses faith in the truth to set people free. What does a dead man fear? If we are dead to this world, there is nothing the world can do to us. It is impossible for a dead man to have fears of failure, fears of rejection, or even fear of the dark. The degree that any fear still has its grip on us is in direct relation to the degree we have failed to go to the cross. The cross will set us free.

A dead man does not lust, covet, feel anger, want revenge, or even feel lonely. There is no freedom that we can ever have greater than that which comes from dying to this world so as to be alive to Christ. This is what Israel learned from their first baptism—the crossing of the Red Sea

When Israel entered into this baptism in the Red Sea it would result in the destruction of their enemies who had kept them in bondage for so long. As Pharaoh and his army are a biblical model of Satan and his hordes who seek to keep God’s people in bondage, we see that baptism is the one place where they cannot follow us, and will result in their destruction. When Israel entered into this baptism, they were to never see those enemies again, and many of the things which have bound us for so long will likewise be destroyed when we enter the true baptism—the crucified life.

The Second Baptism

So does the Jordan River represent a second baptism? In a sense it does, though this is not to imply that there needs to be a second ritual of baptism. It reveals how we must go back to the basics, review them, and recommit to them, before we cross over to start possessing our Promised Land. For this reason the church can expect a great re-emphasis on the cross. There is a baptism when we leave Egypt and a baptism when we enter the Promised Land. This is a message that the cross is both the beginning and the end of our journey. The cross sets us free from the world (Egypt) and is the door to entering into our inheritance in Christ.

The wise are forever mindful that the cross is everything. However, the cross does not just represent death—it is the door to resurrection life, which is represented by the Promised Land. One basic difference between these two baptisms is that in the Red Sea baptism the enemy was chasing Israel and was destroyed because the people entered into their baptism. The second baptism represented by the Jordan River begins our pursuit of the enemy, which is to drive him out of our land. Once we cross the Jordan River, we are going to go from being attacked by the enemy to being the attackers of his strongholds.

We have come to that time…

Morning Star Journal- Vol. 16, no. 2 ’Kingdom Authority’

Excerpts from article- When the Kingdom Comes by Steve Thompson (7 pages)

…many in the body of Christ have this same attitude of passively looking for the Kingdom of God to come.

There are two opposing viewpoints among those who look for this type of miraculous intervention. One anticipates a sovereign, sweeping revival that will stem the tide of wickedness now dominating our society. The other scenario has the Lord Himself coming to rescue a powerless church out of this present evil age. These are actually similar, emphasizing a dependence on God moving independently of us rather than through us, and our faithful, day to day taking ground for His Kingdom.

While we would all gladly welcome a revival or rescue that comes independent of us, and the Lord has chosen to do this occasionally, this is actually not His usual mode of operation. Our tendency to look for the spectacular, instead of working with the Lord to bring steady, consistent changes in us and our society, may be the single greatest hindrance to the Kingdom of God coming to where He has placed us….

…The idea of a gradual, progressive manifestation of the Kingdom is contrary to our modern concepts of progress. While the world values immediate results, the Kingdom comes progressively, and we must understand this in order to see it come to fruition.

Mark 4:28First the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear.

Many people have sown their spiritual seeds, seen the blade or the ear spring up, and mistakenly thought it was the full corn in the ear. When they tried to harvest the fruit, it was not mature. They became disappointed and lost heart. The Kingdom not only comes gradually… it comes progressively…

… When we think of God, most of us think in terms of miraculous, dramatic, and immediate intervention. However, we need to realize that there is often a gradual process of seeing our society change systematically. The same is usually true with our churches, and often even with ourselves in the things in which we need to change. If we do not learn these truths, we may miss the supernatural because we are looking for the spectacular…

Steve Thompson is the associate director of MorningStar Fellowship Church, and oversees the prophetic ministries for all of the MorningStar churches. A gifted teacher and prophetic minister, he travels extensively here and abroad as a conference speaker. His outstanding book You Can All Prophesy is available directly from the ministry website.

Excerpts from article- A One Thousand Year Plan by Rick Joyner (13 pages)

…A Lasting Foundation

Living a healthy, effective, Christian life requires us to have an understanding of the past and a vision for the future, but to live in the present. Of course, we should have this knowledge and vision for ourselves and our families. If we are called to have authority in a local church, we should have this understanding and vision for our local church. If we are called to have authority in our city, we should have this knowledge and vision on that level. Likewise, as we are called and being prepared to rule and reign with Christ over the age to come, we should begin now to have both knowledge and vision for that age.

It is right to have a yearning for the return of the Lord and His coming Kingdom. However, we need to understand how His coming Kingdom should affect our plans now, and therefore allow us to live with a prophetic plan for the future. This should enable us to plan with strategy and vision for our children, and future generations if necessary, until the Lord returns….

… One of the tragic failures of many great Christian movements in the last couple of centuries was that they became so focused on the imminent return of the Lord, they failed to plan or prepare for the future in a practical way until His Kingdom comes. This has resulted in a terrible cost to those movements and future generations…

…The blindness of the church has not just been in regard to prophetic vision, but in regard to our history as well. To not see in either direction is spiritual blindness. The failure to see our history is a blindness that causes stumbling as the proverb states “those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it.” Every spiritual generation to date seems to have made the same mistakes as the previous ones. This cycle must end. It will end when we have been delivered of our blindness to our history. Many of the eschatologies developed in recent times would not be possible if the church had even a cursory knowledge of history. Blindness in relation to the past has caused a distortion of our vision for the future. A clear vision of the past is needed to have an accurate vision of the future and an accurate understanding of biblical prophecy…

…I do think the Scripture is clear that the last generation will be the greatest in many ways, but it is a terrible and blinding arrogance that compels us to believe it has to be us. How much more could we accomplish if we humbly accepted the role of preparing the way for those who may be greater?…

…The much maligned Charismatic movement [has] produced more salvations, more missionaries, more churches, and more church movements than any other move of God in history. It has also had some of the more memorable mistakes, but they were not really any worse than the foolishness that manifested in almost every other movement in history, and far less worse than some…

…but there will be a generation who will not do this, because it will have had the grace and wisdom to honor their fathers and mothers by studying history.

To build a clear prophetic vision on a clear historical and sound biblical perspective takes time, as well as devotion so profound that it must be a lifestyle. Granted, few seem prone to do this, and the emerging generation seems even more addicted to the convenience and sound bites that breed superficiality, but there will be some in the midst of it who are of a different spirit…

…The Scriptures teach that Jesus will manifest Himself in an unprecedented fullness in His church, by His parousia, which will be His very presence and glory being revealed in His temple, before His physical manifestation. It will actually be His presence manifested in this way that will cause many of the events prophesied to happen at the end of the age…

…One of the most worn-out phrases about Christians is how they tend to be so heavenly-minded that they do not do any earthly good. This may be true of a few, but the greater problem is that many Christians have become so earthly-minded that they are not doing much for heaven or earth. A proper devotion to the things that are eternal is required for having the most effective, practical impact on our own times. We need to live in Heaven and walk on the earth daily. We can only do this as we begin to see, enter, and then inherit His Kingdom…

Excerpts from article- Paradoxes of the Kingdom by Rick Joyner (17 pages)

I have read the Bible through between through between twenty and thirty times, and have done many additional studies of its content. I have not yet found one of the contradictions that so many claim to be there. However, when I first began my study of Scriptures, there were a number of issues that did seem to be contradictions, but further study inevitably brought a resolution that would only confirm to me that the genius behind the Bible was far beyond human reasoning….

… Of course, spiritual blindness cannot be lifted by mere human intelligence or study. Only the Holy Spirit can open blind spiritual eyes, so even if the greatest genius studies the Bible, he or she may be blind to its true message. That is why it is almost fruitless to argue with skeptics who want to disbelieve.

However, there is good skepticism. Good skepticism wants to believe, but will not accept shallow or insufficient evidence. We are told that the Bereans in:

Acts 17:11-12- Now these were more noble-minded than those in Thessalonica, for they received the word with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily, to see whether these things were so. Many of them therefore believed…

Such souls were obviously rare then and are now, but they are treasures in the Kingdom which can bring much strength to the body of Christ because truth is our most basic commodity…

…one of the greatest paradoxes in biblical prophecy that few have navigated well since the first century is how we are supposed to look for the imminent return of the Lord, and plan for the future with strategy and vision. However, to be properly balanced in our worldview we need to be able to do both.

There is wisdom in having an expectation for the imminent return of the Lord. It is important to have the wisdom to ‘keep oil in our lamps’ so that we are not counted with the foolish virgins (see Matthew 25:1-13). Wisdom keeps us focused on a heavenly solution to the world’s problems rather than a humanistic one. It is also obedience to the Lord, Who exhorted us to do this so that we will not be surprised by His coming.

There is also wisdom in understanding that the Lord can delay His coming for quite a long time yet, even past our lifetime, and still not violate His Word. Though the signs of the last days are more abundant now than ever; every generation has thought this. To date every generation has been wrong about seeing Him return in their lifetime. However, there will be a generation who will not be wrong about this…

…We must answer the question of how to practically do both, yearning for His return, yet building for the future…

Excerpts from article- Apostles and Elders Are Coming by Rick Joyner (10 pages)

One of the great needs in the church today is for apostles and elders. More may be claiming these titles than ever before, but few, if any, measure up to the biblical stature of these high callings. Though some of the great missionaries and teachers in the church age may be with us now, there is still a lack of true apostles and true elders. How, true apostles and elders are coming…

…Inheriting the Kingdom

Some see a distinction between seeing the Kingdom, entering the Kingdom, and actually inheriting the Kingdom. This has been likened to entering the Outer Court, the Holy Place, and then into the very presence of the Lord in the Holy of Holies [in the Tabernacle and Temple]. This could also be likened to knowing Jesus as the Way, then the Truth, and then ultimately as our Life. Whether we accept this or not is not as important as having a life of progressive growth in the Lord. However, we do need to see that the coming of the Kingdom is a restoration of true New Testament church life that is progressive.

We cannot have true church life as it is intended without true church government. The church is the vessel through which the Kingdom is going to be preached, and the way for it to be prepared is by our demonstrating it. Without true church life, we may have the most accurate doctrines about the Kingdom, but we will not be a part of it. The Kingdom or the reign of the King is coming to the church first, through His people. We must live in the Kingdom now.

For deeper insight into how GOD the Father sees His children; to better understand the elementary principles of Christ (Hebrews 6:1-3); the ‘mysteries’ of Christ’s Kingdom; and our individual and corporate calling, commission, and empowerment- please review my first published book via the Table of Contents on the Amazon website linked here via Book Title:  “Thy Kingdom Come- Here and Now!”


Ron DiCiani

Hillsong- “Stronger”


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