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The Lord Said: “Make This Mountain Whole!”

Seek His Face!

Seek His Face!

God’s Grace is limitless… His Blessings beyond human comprehension- thank the Lord for the Holy Spirit’s continual revelation and empowering work in the Body of Christ.

When I was 21 years old, while on a drug-induced binge at the Whiskey a-Go-Go in Hollywood… I was knocked out by the LAPD, and carted off to jail. While unconscious in the squad car I had a supernatural encounter- I found myself apparently naked on a cold slab in pitch darkness overhearing a conversation about me between two opposing voices. One was sinister and struck terror in my heart- he was trying to convince the other that I should die and be taken ‘somewhere’ with him. The other voice- although far more powerful was compassionate, and after a time said, ” He has yet to come to Me, and therefore I will allow him to return to earth NOW… “

The moment I heard the word ‘now’ the bottom fell out of what I was resting upon, and I found myself hurtling through space with a heavenly sound of music in my ears, and a ring of fire around my body that was moving seemingly at the speed of light. I was soaring through a great expanse- passing galaxies, planets, comets, and asteroids. I felt a joy and peace that was electric. I found myself looking in the distance at an object the size of a small beautiful blue-green marble… which is where I was apparently headed, since I was making a beeline for it at an incredible speed. I become aware of its rotation, recognized it as our beautiful planet- and could perceive the continents and cloud formations on its surface.

I thought “Oh-oh… I’m going to crash head first into planet earth!” As I approached I saw in rotation the western hemisphere, then North America, then the West Coast, then So. CA, and as if I was zooming in on a Google Satellite map- I prepared myself for the worst…
All of a sudden about 1000 ft. above the surface my body took a sharp left and shot past the beach communities and headed out over the Pacific Ocean; I looked back to see the coastline thin and getting thinner. Abruptly I plunged into the cold ocean waters and was sinking and shrinking simultaneously! I was getting smaller and smaller while going deeper and deeper, although somehow I was no longer scared.

I found myself rising again until I was at the surface and ‘pop’ I was floating upward in a water molecule rising up, up, up into a passing cloud which the wind blew east, back over the coastal terrain. It keep rising and getting colder until in a drop of water I found myself falling down- landing on a mountain height, and then flowing down a trickle to a stream to a rushing river… until I entered a pipe, sailed through it until I came out via a sprinkler system onto someone’s nice green lawn. I laughed and laughed to myself as I lay there surrounded by blades of grass that looked like tall trees- like in the ‘Ants’ animation film.

I am compelled to say all this to get to this point in this extended ‘vision’:

In an instant- I found myself fully clothed in Levi jeans, hiking boots, and a plaid shirt with very short hair- (in real life in 1971, I wore stove pipe bell bottom jeans, silk shirts, leather boots, and had a huge ‘afro’). I was laying flat on my back in a wilderness desert scene. It was a beautiful spring-like day with birds singing, little creatures scurrying around, with a pleasant breeze blowing. I felt wonderful, and started walking toward a distant mountain range, along a dirt path headed nowhere in particular (though I knew I was actually unconscious headed to jail), but I was enjoying the dream journey and trying to process all that came before.

I looked down at my straight legged jeans and hiking boots which I didn’t own, and then noticed a pair of sandaled feet in a long robe walking on my immediate right- almost touching me. I looked up reluctantly into the face of Jesus, who smiled tenderly as we walked along. I was shocked speechless… He spoke to me at length but without opening His mouth- I could hear Him so clearly telling me that my life of drug addiction and depravity could be so different: I could be free! I couldn’t process what I was experiencing and insulted Him by saying that I was having an LSD hallucination, that He was a figment of my vivid imagination ‘under the influence’, and reminded Him that I was in reality on my way to jail.

He stopped and turned to face me- with a look of loving pity in His beautiful eyes… what a face! What a humble powerful presence! Slowly He began to brighten… He looked toward the sloping mountains in the distance and communicated still without speaking:
“Make this mountain whole!” It was obviously not a suggestion, but rather a direct command! I looked bewildered at the horizon and noticed for the first time that the peaks in the distance looked like an unfinished painting on a canvas with a white ‘unpainted’ patch to the far right. I responded with tears flowing, “How? How can I do this, when I’m not really here, I’m not able to stop my addiction, I don’t even believe in You! How? How can I do the impossible? How?”… at that point I was uncontrollably sobbing, not able to comprehend anything that was ‘happening’.

He looked deep into my soul- and finally opening His mouth, He spoke two profound and cataclysmic words: “BY FAITH!!!”

The instant He said that, the wind kicked up dramatically, the bright sky darkened and a giant thunderhead came from the other side of the mountain range, and with peels of thunder, and lightning flashing shot toward us like a fast-forward movie! It hovered above while I cowered with fear. I looked at Jesus and He intently looking at it, moved His eyes toward the vacant place on the horizon. The cloud dissipated exposing a massive granite slab spinning on an axis with light flashing off its surface. It immediately zoomed into the distant gap, fit perfectly into the range like a missing puzzle piece, and then with a very loud sound- it became whole!

I looked at Him and He started radiating brighter and brighter with His arms outstretched, with ripples of Divine Love moving continually all over me. He smiled oh-so-tenderly… and then suddenly, I woke up- handcuffed on my face in a cell at the LA County jail. Now nearly thirty six years later, I understand that by faith I not only got delivered from all my addictive behavior, but I was also physically and emotionally healed.Even more precious- I got saved, blessed with a beautiful wife of now 34 years, two fine children- a son Anthony, and a daughter Sarah- who grew up in the Faith, and we have two precious little grandchildren- Caleb and Amber who fill us with joy and awe at God’s continuing Amazing Grace.

In many seasons of fasting and prayer- the Lord has shown me that the great distance between me and the mountain range was the last three + decades, and that the primary mountain I was walking toward was actually Mt. Zion! I am therefore also called to participate with my brothers and sisters in Christ in the process of fulfilling what Shawn Bolz calls the Isaiah 58 mandate, which will beautify the City of God, the New Jerusalem with many, many, many more souls- treasures out of darkness, the rewards of The Lamb’s sufferings.

For deeper insight into how GOD the Father sees His children; to better understand the elementary principles of Christ (Hebrews 6:1-3); the ‘mysteries’ of Christ’s Kingdom; and our individual and corporate calling, commission, and empowerment- please review my first published book and the Table of Contents on the Amazon website linked here via Book Title:  “Thy Kingdom Come- Here and Now!”


Hillsong- Michelle Fragar “Amazing Love”



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