Posted by: Santos Garcia | Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Lighthouse Vision


In 1993-94 I began to be drawn inexorably to images of lighthouses. Whenever I saw one in the present, I would have a flashback to the past even childhood- when I had seen one either in a movie, a book, or periodical. I inquired of the Lord as to what He was unveiling and I had a vision. Please note that I was fully awake (not in a trance or out of control), but rather even with my eyes open I was viewing in the theater of my mind, a vision of a lighthouse.

There was a fierce storm raging on the darkest night with heavy rains, thunder claps booming, and lightning flashing both near and far. The howling wind and rising waves made for quite an ominous image. As I looked intently at all this– while in my physical reality it was a beautiful day– yet I did not draw my spiritual eyes away from the vivid cataclysmic scene.

Suddenly in the distance I saw a clipper ship crest over the top of a massive wave. Although it was quite far I could see it in great detail. Its sails were torn and tattered, its lifeboats were gone, and there was a lone navigator tied to the helm with thick rope. He had a troubled yet determined expression– He must get to his destination without losing all.


As the ship moved from right to left in my field of vision, it seemed he barely kept from getting capsized, and showed some skill with what little control he had. Even though it was bleak darkness I could see so clearly what was playing out before me.

Suddenly I noticed a flash in the distance to the far left. And again… and then again– like a pulse that would diminish and then brighten, only to diminish again. I could see two things happening simultaneously: the ship was altering its course in spite of the battering waves, and somehow I was getting closer in my visual field to what turned out to be a lighthouse on a craggy cliff.

I could see that the direction that the ship had been going now revealed shallow waters with jagged rocks, and the splintered remains of fixed debris of ships that had ended their existence in the ocean graveyard. He knew that the lighthouse was warning him of the danger, and by its fixed position giving him guidance… “Bear to the starboard– quickly avoid destruction; swing wide and live; and access my safe harbor a few miles further west.”

The moment the navigator miraculously retained control of his ship, and his eyes recognized the coastline through the flashing lightning– the winds began to decrease in intensity, and patches of night sky could be seen as the swifting moving clouds began to separate. Suddenly a full moon broke through the clouds, shining on the foaming waves. My vision swung me to the opposite side of the ship so that I could see what he saw– a fair haven a short distance away; harbor lights of a small community with welcoming smoke rising from scattered chimneys. As the rain slowly diminished– the ship reached the appointed place of safety…

And then the scene changed dramatically: I was street level in the small seaside community on a bright sunny gorgeous day. There was the busyness of life all around, but again I was drawn for a purpose– to view the edge of the harbor. There I saw my young captain with cargo being taken off the heavily damaged ship. In a compressed time frame I saw him settle accounts for what he brought in, negotiate the replacement of the sails, as well as the major repairs that the ship would require to ever be seaworthy again.

He carefully interviewed many to build a crew of a few dedicated shipmates– and though young, he had discernment and was a keen judge of character. In a short time the ship was ready: repaired and stocked with needed supplies to last on a long voyage. She was manned with a crew that would not break rank- but rather would work as one, with one mind and one heart in the quest for adventure and fulfillment. The new billowing sails were “breathing” in the winds, with gusts making the ship seemingly eager to return to the open sea.

I then saw my young captain working intently with maps, measuring instruments, and a compass… charting a course with multiple ports of call laid out in a sensible timeline. His ship was well-stocked with the marketable items of this rustic community. His loyal crew were given specific directions and assignments, and he- my young captain was rested, healed from the battering wounds he had endured. He was ready to set sail charting a new course with no regrets for the expensive but valuable lessons learned. As I looked at the swinging sails now full of the wind, and saw the beautiful ship now turn toward the open sea, I glanced to see her name boldly carved in the side of the ship… her name was “Destiny”.

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Emmanuel- Hillsong



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