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Genuine Revelation from GOD- Part II

Savior, GOD, and King

Continuing with the emphasis of the last post in presenting quotations from The Signature of God book, I will be continuing with direct citations of some critical subjects that the author Grant Jeffrey deals with very insight-fully.

From chapter 1 The Battle for the Bible:

Our modern world has departed so far from the religious faith that governed the founding fathers of both the United States and Canada that it is almost impossible for the average citizen to recognize the vast gulf that exist between the beliefs of our modern world and the beliefs of those who founded our nations.  The colonists who came to North America centuries ago were determined to escape the religious oppression of Europe.  They wanted to create a free nation on this continent where men and women could worship God freely without restriction.  The founders of the United States of America determined to create an educational system based on Christianity and the inspired Word of God.  A close examination of the lives and writings of the framers of the American Constitution clearly reveals that their intent was to create in America “freedom for religious expression; not a freedom from religious expression.”

The writer Frederick Rudolph wrote in his book, The American College and University that within a generation of their landing on Plymouth Rock the original Puritan settlers laid the foundations of an educational system dedicated to training “a learned clergy and a lettered people.”  These Christians created Harvard College in 1636 as a Christian college dedicated to upholding the truths of the Bible.  In fact, during the first century of Harvard University’s existence, every single one of its professors was a minister of the Gospel.  The initial charter of Harvard College declares unashamedly, “Everyone should consider the main end of his life and studies to know Jesus Christ which is eternal life.”   It has been calculated that 87% of the first 119 colleges built in America [104] were established by Christians to educate young people in their faith.  Most major universities in the eastern United States were created as Christian institutions of learning-including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Colombia…

The Attempt to Destroy the Bible

Throughout history there has been a continual and relentless conflict between acceptance of God and an open rebellion against His rule… For 2000 years the battleground has revolved around the Bible.  Satan hates the word of God because it reveals the truth about Jesus Christ, our hope of salvation and the eternal destiny facing each of us between heaven and hell…

…The enemies of the Bible have attacked the Scriptures without respite for almost 2000 years.  However the Bible still stands unshaken as the most widely read and published book in history, while the philosophies of the enemies of the Scriptures are buried with their spokesmen.  The survival of the Scriptures against these unrelenting attacks by Satan provides irrefutable evidence that it is truly inspired by God…

…While most people in our Western culture in past centuries accepted the truth of God’s existence and His creation of the universe, a growing number of people in our modern world deny the existence of God and His creative role.  Those who accept evolution as the answer to how human life was formed have rejected the concept of a divine Creator who created this earth in all of its awesome complexity.  In addition, large numbers of people today totally reject the inspiration and authority of the Scriptures in the false belief that the Bible has somehow been proven to be “full of errors and contradictions.”  The unrelenting attack by agnostic scholars and the media on the authority of the Bible during the last century is unprecedented in Western history.  The attack launched on the accuracy and reliability of the Scriptures and the resurrection of Jesus Christ has come not only from academics outside the Church but also from countless pastors and theologians who have lost their personal confidence and faith in the authority of the word of God…

…The widespread agnosticism and atheism in our modern government, media, universities, and seminaries have resulted in the moral collapse of our society…  America has publicly abandoned the Bible as the moral anchor of our society and education.  It should surprise no one that after decades of teaching our children that there are no absolute rights and wrongs, we face an appalling breakdown in public morality and rising levels of crime…

…The Scriptures themselves clearly and repeatedly declare that the Bible is inspired by God.  Moses closed his ministry with this command to the children of Israel affirming inspiration: “Set your hearts unto all the words which I testify among you this day, which ye shall command your children to observe to do, all the words of this law” (Deuteronomy 32:46).  The book of Proverbs also states:  “Every word of God is pure: He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him.  Add thou not unto His words, lest He reprove thee, and thou be found a liar” (Proverbs 30: 5, 6).

The Authority of the Old Testament Confirmed by Jesus Christ

One of the most important evidences regarding the accuracy and inspiration of the Old Testament Scriptures is that both Jesus Christ and the apostles absolutely confirm the authority of these writing as being inspired directly by God.  Jesus Christ declared that “the Scripture cannot be broken” (John 10:35).  In another passage Jesus stated, “And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail” (Luke 16:17).  In addition, the Lord confirmed that Moses was the writer of the first five books of Law (Luke 24:27; John 5:46, 47).    Christ also stated that Isaiah was the author of the book of Isaiah (Matthew 13:14, citing Isaiah 6: 9, 10).  One of Jesus’ most significant statements was His declaration that Daniel had written the book of Daniel (Matthew 24:15) thereby contradicting those critics who claim that Daniel was written by someone pretending to prophesy in 165 B.C…

… In light of these absolute confirmations by Jesus Christ of historical events and miraculous occurrences in the Old Testament, it is astounding that some preachers and Christians dare to deny of the truthfulness of the biblical events.  Those who accept Jesus Christ as truly God should find it quite easy to accept His divine verdict that the Old Testament is absolutely truthful and inspired directly by God.  If I accept Jesus as my God and Savior, that I will except His confirmation that I can safely trust in the authority of the Old Testament…

…It is now acknowledged, even by many liberal scholars, that the New Testament Gospels and Epistles were written and widely circulated throughout the Christian communities of the Roman Empire within 40 or 50 years of the events they describe.  This fact is of overwhelming importance in verifying the absolute historical accuracy of these documents.  Thousands of people who witnessed the events of Jesus Christ’s life, teaching, death, and resurrection were still alive when the disciples composed and distributed the Gospels and Paul’s epistles to the various churches.  These carefully copied manuscripts were read in hundreds of Christian assemblies every Sunday, by millions of Gentile and Jewish believers…

…If the New Testament actually contained factual errors regarding the events of Christ’s life, His teaching, or the miracles He performed, there would have been an enormous split within the early Church as witnesses to these historical events would have debated and contested any inaccurate historical records.  Although the Christians were subject to the most terrifying tortures and martyrdom conceivable, not one of them ever declared that the Gospel account of Jesus Christ in error.  If they had denied the reality of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, the Roman judges would have been delighted to set them free.  Rome would have widely published such a denial of the Gospels’ statements about Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.  However, despite the fact that a large number of Roman official records and a much larger number of Christian writings have survived until today, we can not find evidence of a single eyewitness to these Gospel events ever denying their truthfulness…

The Survival of the Bible

The famous French writer Voltaire, a skeptic, often wrote expressing his contempt for the Bible and Christianity.  He had an intense hatred of the Word of God because it reminded him that he would someday stand before the Great White Throne to be judged by Almighty God.  His sinful arrogance expressed itself in his utter contempt for the Scriptures and Christians who followed the words of Jesus Christ.  Voltaire wrote a prediction about the future of the Bible more than two centuries ago from his library in Paris:  “I will go through the forest of the Scriptures and girdle all the trees, so that in 100 years Christianity will be but a vanishing memory.”  Despite Voltaire’s prediction, there are more Christians alive today than any other time in history.  Those who study the statistics have found that more than 85,000 people accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior every day around the world.  Ironically, despite Voltaire’s confident prediction about the imminent death of Christianity, his library, in which he wrote his false prediction, was acquired years later by the British and Foreign Bible Society.  His library was soon filled from floor to ceiling with thousands of copies of the Bible he hated, but could not destroy…

Despite the opposition of Satan and his followers to the Scriptures the Bible remains triumphant as the most widely read, published, and influential book in the history of man.  The truths found in its pages have changed the lives and destiny of untold billions.  The Scriptures have profoundly influenced the course of history for nations and empires…

The author Grant Jeffrey fills the many gaps of what I have cited with remarkable scholarship and detailed anecdotes and evidence that confirms the reliability of the complete Bible-both Old Testament and New Testament.  This book is a treasure that every Christian should add to their library of resources so that we can all confidently defend our precious faith.

In the next and final post on The Signature of God text, I will select citations of scientific evidence that Mr. Jeffrey presents that comprehensively prove the accuracy and reliability of our precious Bible.

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Blessings in Christ… Santos

Christ for the Nations- When I Speak Your Name


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