Posted by: Santos Garcia | Sunday, July 3, 2011

End-Time Apostasy & The Greatest Awakening

We have a most unusual reality evident in the world today.  Simultaneously there is a falling away from Biblical faith of many in the western cultures, while at the same time 85,000 to 100,000 new believers are being born into the Kingdom of Heaven worldwide… each and every day!  The apostasy is recognizable in the sad statistics that 80% of high school students raised in Christian homes who have attended church their whole lives- and perhaps even attended Christian schools, lose their faith in the Bible and Christianity within the first term of their college experience.  It is clear that they were unprepared, unable, and in many instances unwilling to stand for truth due to the onslaught of ridicule, harassment, and the contrived rationale of secular humanism and the Darwinian evolution worldview.  One can only imagine how spiritually bankrupt entire families are who consider themselves generationally atheists or agnostics.  Since I unapologetically hold to the truth of Jesus Christ as the only way of salvation- all other religions, philosophies, and worldviews are false and misleading myriad throughout the nations into a doomed  eternity.

At the same time- people throughout the world who have a genuine encounter with GOD through the testimony of a true disciple of Jesus Christ, who find the answers to the many issues of life in the Holy Scriptures when the Bible is open to them… are willing to suffer great persecution, the loss of everything temporal, suffer physical abuse, imprisonment, torture, and even face death because they have had an irrefutable supernatural experience with the Living GOD.  If you desire to add steel to your spine, please spend time reading the incredible, heart-wrenching stories of the Persecuted Church on the ministry website of Voice of the Martyrs:

Our national Independence Day, July 4th Holiday is upon us.  I wrote a sobering post on this holiday in 2007 entitled Praying for the Healing of America.  I implore you to read it prayerfully, and then return to this current post in order to see where we are now in light of national and global circumstances.

In rereading this 4th of July post again myself, I was brought to tears.  Four years later our national crises are far worse to the extreme!  Not only has the current Federal administration initiated a progressive socialist agenda over the past three years, but we find that the Obama White House and its many henchmen are seeking to silence the voices of dissent.  We are deep in a moral, economic, political, and geopolitical set of looming disasters that it will only take Divine Intervention to stem the tide of our alphabet soup of many critical problems.  Throw in the many so-called natural disasters that we have experienced in growing frequency, as well as our incompetent President turning America’s back on Israel, and we can see how we as a nation are under severe judgment.

In the Bible book of Deuteronomy Chapter 28 the Lord through His servant Moses detailed at great length the blessings of obedience to GOD, as well as the promised curses for disobedience.  There are 68 verses in this chapter, and what is striking is that the first 14 are the promises of blessings-while the remaining 54 are the curses that would come upon the disobedient.  I would encourage you to read the entire chapter with respect to our nation.  Although revisionist history would attempt to strip the reality of the Christian foundations of America, the pilgrims dedicated this continent to the Lord Jesus Christ as soon as they landed on the Atlantic shores.

Our microwave, fast food, instant gratification society has been transformed over the past twenty years.  In many cases our population has gotten away from critical thinking-and in-depth reading, and thereby have become oblivious to the storms that are converging all around us.  Many would rather watch TV, play a video game, surf the Internet, or chat on FaceBook or Twitter.   So the alarm must be continually sounded by every means possible to wake up a catatonic populace.  The only group that possibly has the anointing to bring the presence of GOD to bear upon each of these problems is the Church: the Spirit-filled, Bible-believing, Christ-exalting children of GOD.

In the period of history known as the Dark Ages, men were ignorant of the truth.  But there never has been an age like this when men openly denied and repudiated the truth.  This open, deliberate, willful rejection of the truths of the Bible is described in Scripture as one of the major characteristics of the last days of the church on earth.

1 Timothy 4:1,2… Now the Spirit expressly says that in the latter times [many] will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron…

The unfortunate reality that we live in today is that those that are influenced by the Antichrist spirit are the most vocal, have a political agenda, and desire to strip our nation of any Christian presence.  They have repudiated the authority, integrity, and infallibility of the Word of GOD.  Not only do they reject the Bible itself but they despise and hate the doctrines concerning the person and work of Christ revealed therein.

1 John 4:2-3… Hereby know ye the Spirit of GOD: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of GOD.  And every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of GOD; and this is that  spirit of antichrist…


Although up to this point what I have detailed in this post has dealt with the negative reality of our times, I have great hope for the future.  The Ministry of Intercession that is well represented worldwide has many tens of thousands of believers praying fervently and daily for a Great Awakening to come upon our continent.  Canada, America, and Mexico need a massive move of GOD to impact our societies in such a profound way that they will be transformed in repentance, confession, and crying out to the Lord.  There has been an extended move of  GOD throughout many parts of Africa, as well as Asia, Australia, parts of Europe, the former Soviet bloc nations, and in significant measure in South America.  And yet more will come to the Lord in these continents as well.  There are also a surprising number of converts from Islam that are coming to saving faith throughout the ’10-40′ window of Muslim nations.

There will be a massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the true Church, and the evidence will be radical healings, deliverance from the demonic spirits, and the tangible Presence of the Living GOD coming upon entire congregations, then stadiums, followed by entire cities, and even regions that will be transformed by the Will and Power of the Living GOD!  America still has a profound destiny to fulfill; the sacrificial prayers and fasting of untold numbers of believers will be answered with a Great Awakening in these last days… In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

For deeper insight into how GOD the Father sees His children; to better understand the elementary principles of Christ (Hebrews 6:1-3); the ‘mysteries’ of Christ’s Kingdom; and our individual and corporate calling, commission, and empowerment- please review my first published book and the Table of Contents on the Amazon website linked here via Book Title:  “Thy Kingdom Come- Here and Now!”



  1. Please change “From The Hidden” to Theresa Garcia Ministry.
    Thank you,
    Theresa Garcia

    • Thanks for reminding me sister *Anne Theresa*- It has now been updated. Blessings this Christmas season to you and your family.

      Please enjoy the birth of our Savior from the eyes of Joseph. May my favorite hymn at the end also bless your heart…

      *Kingdom Blessings… in HIM ~Santos*

  2. if the anti-christ will rule for 3 1/2 years then when he recieved his crown and rode out starts the seven year tribulation. Did that happen on jan.20th 2009, when he was sworn into the usa presidentcy? Give your truthful opinion, tks we are over 3 1/2 years into the seven in my opinion.

    • Brother James- You need to do more careful exegesis. The person who will be recognized as the Antichrist confirms a 7 year covenant with Israel after- not before- the Ezekiel 38 &39 War which will happen on the near horizon. Obama is a puppet of Soros and the Power Elite, and has proven how incompetent he is even though he is gifted demonically with an ‘attractive’ personality. Consider reading “Righteous Indignation” by the late Andrew Breitbart who gave his all for the cause of Constitutional democracy. Also the tribulation period with be characterized by the rebuilding of a Jewish temple in the Holy Land, before the lawless one desecrates it according to 2 Thessalonians 2:1-5. Kingdom Blessings, in HIM… ~Santos

  3. O Lord pls remember me in ur Kingdom

    • Hello sister ‘Chika’-

      Not only will He remember you in His Kingdom, but His thoughts concerning you, His precious daughter are without number every day! Please meditate upon Psalm 139 (entire)… but especially own vv 17 & 18“How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O GOD! How great is the sum of them! If I should count them, they would be more in number than the sand; When I awake, I am still with You.”

      Please prayerfully consider purchasing via the link on this blog book review- “Prepared to Answer” directly from the author’s website. It will solidify your growing faith in Christ, and His profound Love for you!

      May His Divine Blessings and unfathomable Love overflow in your life daily, until you see Him face to Face! ~Santos

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