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The Profound Legacy of the late David Flynn

I had never heard of this Christian genius until one of my favorite authors and Bible teachers, Dr. Thomas Horn highly recommended his monumental work that he was privileged to publish subsequent to David Flynn’s untimely death.  On Dr. Horn’s website ‘‘, he has made this compilation available… and to my astonished awe I can only say that my world has changed due to the clear and comprehensive revelation into ancient and deep mysteries that the Holy Spirit of GOD had given to this humble servant of the Most High.  I thank my wife Robyn for this birthday gift, after I had told her how much I appreciated Dr. Horn’s research and literature, and his strong encouragement for believers to tackle the awe-inspiring works of David Eric Flynn.

In A Note from Tom Horn…  at the beginning of the text, he states:  “… As David and I became friends and colleagues throughout the late 90’s and 2000’s, I observed the steady evolution of his work, realizing that here was a man who often viewed the world in a way the rest of us could barely discern... the world around David Flynn could not help but be intrigued by his insights into Bible prophecy, sacred geometry, symbolism, numerology, and gematria, which seem to spring forth for our generation with brilliant perceptiveness, building for David a worldwide following of people who appreciated him so much.  Sadly for us all… David was stricken with an aggressive brain tumor that took his life this past January 22, 2012.  (Emphasis mine throughout- sg)

In A Note from Steve Quayle (researcher and author), he states:  “David Flynn, like Isaac Newton before him, was a “GIANT” in the understanding of the GOD of Creation’s infinite majesty, power, and presence throughout the universe displayed.  Every generation has its Heaven-sent “Time-Keepers” to remind the world that we all have an appointed time and season of revelation and purpose to all that we see around us.  It is as if the Almighty GOD holds specific time locks to His revelations and specific messengers tasked with bringing it forth.

Sir Isaac Newton stated, “IF I HAVE SEEN FURTHER THAN OTHERS, IT IS BY STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS.”  Newton is considered the father of modern science… He knew of the multi-dimensional code in the Holy Bible, but wasn’t able to find the Book of Revelation timeline that he spoke about and alluded to.  David Flynn was able to stand upon his shoulders and be blessed with the revelation that Newton knew existed but was time-locked out of comprehending.  The result was David Flynn’s masterpiece, Temple at the Center of Time

…The Holy Spirit graced David’s life with a continual flow that placed him in a constant river of discovery inhabiting a realm that most never even touch- let alone acknowledge its existence.  He was like a little child in his enthusiasm and quest for exploration and discovery…  David was the first fruits of this timed release of the end-of-the-age timeline as the final countdown before the second triumphant return of Jesus Christ is playing out before our very eyes.  David embodied Newton’s prophetic statement:  “About the time of the end, a body of men will be raised up who will turn their attention to the prophecies, and insist upon their literal interpretation, in the midst of much clamor and opposition.”

…and He calls you ‘friend’.

The David Flynn Collection contains his two Bestselling books:

Temple at the Center of Time:  Newton’s Bible Codex Finally Deciphered and the Year 2012 …and

Cydonia:  The Secret Chronicles of Mars 

as well as feature articles and a Memorial Pictorial.

The 515 page volume is written in a highly readable yet quite challenging manner, with each of the 37 total chapters in both books footnoted at the end of each chapter with reference resources listed.  There are extensive photos, diagrams, maps, historical artwork, and even formulas that demonstrate the depth of his brilliant scholarship and profound insight.

He is in the Presence of ABBA Father, Who clearly welcomed His son David -at such a young age with “Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things.  Enter into the joy of your LORD.”

For All Eternity Future... Co-Heir with Christ!

This written legacy will gain greater exposure and confirmation in these Last Days, as it exposes the hidden schemes of infernal darkness- and chapter by chapter reverently yields a deeper understanding of the magnificent eternal inheritance that belongs to the sons and daughters of the Kingdom from Heaven coming to earth; eternal co-heirs with the LORD Jesus Christ.


We in modern day life who hold to the reliability of the Holy Bible do not understand how truly unfathomable are the wealth and riches of the knowledge that is hidden in Scripture.  The primary reason is that the original autographs- the text of the Old and New Testaments written in Hebrew and Greek reveal so much more than modern translation can unfold.  Thankfully we have electronic aids that with the use of the Internet, can give us nuggets of revelation and pertinent background information that would otherwise remain hidden.  The Bible itself states that Hebrew is the only perfect language, and therefore I believe that during the Millennial Kingdom of our LORD we will be taught Hebrew (and perhaps even Greek) so that the Scriptures may fully reveal to us the Heart of GOD from Genesis to Revelation in all its glory.

One of the greatest minds in human history was Sir Isaac Newton.  He is rightfully called the father of modern science and yet most people do not know that he wrote far more about Biblical theology than his many works of pure genius in the realms of mathematics (Principia Mathematica), the laws of gravity and physics, optics, and astronomy that are the solid foundations of so much that we take for granted today as scientific disciplines.  He loved the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation so much that he learned Hebrew and Greek specifically to study the Bible in the original languages.

It seems preposterous for me to say so, but David Flynn was of this caliber of genius.  He studied Newton’s biblical scholarship at great length and was able to decipher some hidden truths that he has been privileged to ‘unlock’ for today, as we recognize that the end of the age is upon us- and the imminent return of our LORD Jesus Christ draws ever nearer.  Isaac Newton even understood in his exhaustive research that he was on the very threshold of some profound truths, that were hidden from his humble inquiry because the time for the unveiling was not yet.

We stand as a body of believers at the time when the LORD GOD has ordained that these can now be made known.  This is why The David Flynn Collection is so very important.  Most will not make the effort to study such intensely challenging exposition, with so much historical information that is woven into a seamless tapestry of revelation- only because critical thinking has been minimized in modernity.  I guarantee that those who make the consistent effort to read and carefully study this volume of two unique books will walk away blessed beyond measure for what they have received from the LORD through this his servant.

I have studied over the years the works of Kevin Conner, a Biblical scholar who undertook a series of books that he called The Habitation Series:  The Tabernacle of Moses, The Tabernacle of David, and The Temple of Solomon.  It is clear from both Old and New Testament Scripture that the Ark of the Covenant and its location within these edifices- and singularly significant in the ‘final’ place of rest on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem- holds very deep and precious meaning to the Father that He now chooses to reveal.

The Temple of Solomon on the particular location on earth in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount was according to both Sir Isaac Newton and in our time David Flynn, a repository of knowledge of GOD’s ways that has yet to be fathomed.  The foundation stone on which the Ark of the Covenant rested within the Holy of Holies in the Temple of Solomon was designated by YHVH specifically, and this building is the only structure that has ever existed on earth that was completely designed by GOD and revealed in detail to His chosen servant David the king, Solomon’s father.

Note- click on the above illustration and use magnifier link to study the descriptive details of Solomon’s Temple & related scripture verses.  Once the full graphic image opens, and the magnifier/demagnifer link is used- you can easily use your computer keyboard ‘up, down, left, & right’ arrows to navigate the full surface area of the remarkably detailed exposition. Enjoy!

From Temple at the Center of Time- page 41:

“What was Newton’s intention?

According to the Jewish sages, the specific location of GOD’s temple on the Earth was as important as its internal geometry.  This was because no man had established the site for its construction, but it had been given by the law of GOD.

Ezekiel 43:12… This is the law of the temple:  The whole area surrounding the mountaintop is most holy.  Behold, this is the law of the temple.

Because GOD had set the location for the temple, the divine proportion evident within its architecture would have also manifested in its placement relative to everything around it.  The temple of Jerusalem was the only building ever known to be directly designed by the Almighty, the same was also the designer of creation itself…

The Ark had found a permanent resting place there as the focal point of the temple and of Jerusalem and Israel, and not from man’s point of view, but GOD’s.  Through this reasoning, its location on earth intersected time and dimension.  Newton’s study of its measurements with his Chronology underscored his belief that GOD had somehow inserted this metaphysical property within the geometry of the temple of Jerusalem.”

What David Flynn then proceeds to unfold is what the Temple and the Ark of the Covenant (which is a type of Christ) mean from a universal perspective in the heart and mind of GOD the Creator.  It is purely mind-boggling the development of his thesis that this small piece of property on that specific location where Abraham offered Isaac, near where the LORD Jesus Christ was crucified, and where according to Jewish Rabbinical teaching GOD created Adam- holds even deeper significance than can be easily discerned.  I can hint that the foundation stone upon which the Ark of the Covenant rested- which by the way is still there on the Temple Mount- is an incredibly important physical reality of deep spiritual significance.

“As the navel is set in the centre of the human body,
so is the land of Israel the navel of the world…
situated in the centre of the world,
and Jerusalem in the centre of the land of Israel,
and the sanctuary in the centre of Jerusalem,
and the holy place in the centre of the sanctuary,
and the ark in the centre of the holy place,
and the foundation stone before the holy place,
because from it the world was founded.”
Midrash Tanchuma, Qedoshim

Time and history, space and time, Eternity past and future, physical location of empires and great cities, all find their center on the site of the once and future Temple of the Living GOD.  It is for you to desire to know what GOD is revealing to His children in these Last Days… part of which is well documented in this outstanding book Temple at the Center of Time.

“Destroy this Temple, and in three days I will raise it up.”

The author cites many quotes from numerous works by Sir Isaac Newton that he adds present truth insight to.  These four direct quotes are critical for our day and age- all taken from Newton’s Observations upon the Prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse of St. John:

“God gave the Prophecies of the Old Testament, not to gratify men’s curiosities by enabling them to foreknow things, but that after they were fulfilled they might be interpreted by the event; and by his Providence, not the Interpreters, be then manifested thereby to the world.  For the event of things predicted many ages before, will then be a convincing argument that the world is governed by providence.”

“That the benefit which may by understanding the sacred Prophecies and the danger by neglecting them is very great and the obligation to study them is as great may appear by considering the like case of the Jews at the coming of Christ.  For the rules whereby they were to know the Messiah were the prophecies of the Old Testament.  And these our Saviour recommended to their consideration in the very beginning of His preaching and afterward commanded the study of them for that end saying… Hypocrites!  Can ye discern the face of the sky but can ye not discern the signs of the times?”

“He who denies Daniel’s prophecies, undermines Christianity, which is founded on Daniel’s prophecies concerning Christ… For Daniel’s prophecies reach to the end of the world; and there is scarce a prophecy in the Old Testament concerning Christ, which doth not in something or other relate to His Second Coming.”

“For as the few and obscure Prophecies concerning Christ’s first coming were for setting up the Christian religion, many and clear Prophecies concerning the things to be done at Christ’s second coming are not only for predicting, but also for effecting a recovery and re-establishment of the long-lost truth.”

We stand at the very edge of the greatest Awakening in the history of mankind; the Great Harvest at the end of the Age is on the near horizon!  David Flynn’s work among the many who are being gifted with present truth understanding will guide our steps in the anointed declaration of our precious faith to the saving of myriad souls… for- the LORD Jesus Christ and His Glory alone!

Who are the Fallen Ones & The Nephilim?

As thought-provoking and deep as his first book in this set is, brother David surpasses even this with  a different perspective on ancient history that will somehow soon impact the world today.  There are many questions that the Biblical record raises as it alludes to events in a limited manner.  In Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles of Mars author David Flynn uncovers mysteries that hearken back to the pre-flood days before Noah in Scripture.  The captioned question under the image above will find a detailed and rather frightening answer in this outstanding book.

Genesis 6:1-4… Now it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of GOD [angels-see Job 1:6] saw the daughters of men, that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose.  And the LORD said, “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he is indeed flesh, yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.”  There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of GOD came in to the daughters of men and bore children to them.  Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.

Greek and Roman Mythology, as well as the ancient teachings of many cultures throughout the world’s history speak of a worldwide flood, and of giants also known as Titans in the earth.  What David Flynn ties together is startling in its implications.  The many questions that he  raises and answers:

  • Why do we discern strange monolithic monuments and even pyramids on Mars?
  • What do the ancients (in particular Plato) have to say about Atlantis and its influence in the antediluvian epoch when it actually existed?
  • How advanced were these prehistoric civilizations that have left massive geoliths and other mind-boggling feats of construction yet to be duplicated- in Europe, the Middle East, Mexico, and in particular South America?
  • How old is planet earth, the universe, and how many cycles of creation and re-creation have left their imprint in the fossil record- leading up to the creation of Adam in the Garden of Eden?
  • When did the fall of Lucifer and the angels that aligned with him in his rebellion against YHVH occur, and what influence did they have in the ‘prehistoric’ history of earth and this solar system?
  • Who are ‘the Djinn’ and what is their activity today?
  • What does any of this have to do with UFO’s, extra-terrestrial beings, trans-dimensional reality, and the burgeoning science that has been labeled ‘trans-humanism‘?

Much evidence available via youtube

When the fallen ones reappear and activate the new breed of Nephilim (triple-helix DNA strand;  spliced via intercourse with human women), they will attempt to deceive mankind as extra-terrestrial beings whose benevolence compels them to intervene in our world’s chaotic affairs.  This is one aspect of the ‘lie’ that the Scriptures allude to in Romans Chapter 1 and other places.   Since this fallen world has turned its back on GOD (except for the very substantial remnant of true believers), believing this coming lie will be easy for most.  There is so much more that Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles of Mars uncovers- very controversial yet very well documented.  I highly recommend this collection by this humble genius whose legacy includes this outstanding work of research scholarship, and the many lectures that can be viewed via youtube.  For your consideration, please view these very short videos of documented excavations.

Nephilim, Annunaki, and the Sumerian Giant Skeletons

Discovered Nephilim, Titans, Giants

For deeper insight into how GOD the Father sees His children; to better understand the elementary principles of Christ (Hebrews 6:1-3); the ‘mysteries’ of Christ’s Kingdom; and our individual and corporate calling, commission, and empowerment- please review my first published book via the Table of Contents on the Amazon website linked here via Book Title:  “Thy Kingdom Come- Here and Now!”    

I cannot but conclude with the strong encouragement to always trust in the LORD, and in the Power of His Might.  He has promised that we would be more than conquerors through the finished work of Christ on Calvary’s cross.  YHVH has invested Himself in each of His children by the in-dwelling precious Holy Spirit Who guides us daily into all truth, as we submit to His Word, and His revealed Will in prayer.

Holy and Anointed One- by Brian Doerksen



  1. Magnificent post! I enjoy Dr Horn but find greater truth in N.T. Wright. Thank you for a wonderful post! Blessings ~Deborah

    • My sister Deborah- thank you for your encouragement. I have reviewed N.T. Wright’s work on Amazon, and will consider looking deeper into several intriguing titles; the ‘Look Inside’ feature is always helpful. Kingdom Blessings to you, as well… in HIM ~Santos

      • Perhaps if you’d watch his interviews and presentations on you tube would encourage your inquisitive heart and mind sister ~ Blessings and may your peace increase. xo

  2. Santos, I linked to your blog via Steve Quayle’s site. Both David Flynn and Tom Horn’s work has stretched my biblical worldview tremendously in the last five-eight years, preparing me for the time we are now in. May God continue to raise up faithful men and women to sound a clarion call in these last days as we await the return of Yeshua.

    • Sister Paula-
      We are so very privileged to be living in these prophetic days! I sense that since this Rosh HaShanah (5773/2012), and the intensifying conflict in the spiritual realm- that the Latter Rain of Promise Outpouring for the Great Harvest is being released right now! My prior post A Solemn Call to United Fervent Prayer is critically operative between now and the end of this calendar year. May our ABBA Father hold you close in these Last Days… ~Santos

  3. I encourage you, please leave a summary of this article in review of David’s book at! Thanks!

    • Thanks for reminding me… I will do that today for certain! Kingdom Blessings, always in Christ ~Santos

    • To Watcher Vault staff-

      Hello dear family in Christ-
      I am the Biblical Christian that posted the review of brother David’s collection on my Weblog at:

      I took the liberty also to send to Dr. Thomas Horn’s email administrator a document in which I had ‘discovered’ typos, grammatical errors, and omissions that I felt lead to list- for future corrections in reprinting the volume. Since I have not received a response from brother Tom, I would like to email you the PDF of the doc (56 corrections listed with page and paragraph numbers).

      Please send me a personal email at that I may send this to you. Kingdom Blessings, in HIM ~Santos

  4. I couldn’t agree more about David Flynn’s amazing legacy. That man’s insight was sharp as a dagger, but he was humble in his delivery. He will be greatly missed, but he left us all greatly enriched by his efforts.

  5. Have you ever considered writing an ebook or guest authoring on other blogs?
    I have a blog based upon on the same topics you discuss and would really like to have you share
    some stories/information. I know my readers would
    enjoy your work. If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

    • I will think about it and pray about it… and get back to you via email within a few days. Thanks for the encouragement; Blessings to you ~Santos

  6. […] work in Temple at the Center of Time and Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles of Mars in my blogpost The Profound Legacy of the Late David Flynn.  His Temple study is very deep and rich in its startling implications revealing hidden truths […]

  7. God Bless You All!

  8. As a distant, silent admirer of the unparalel work and genius of David Flynn, from Brazil, I was deeply shocked by his passing. But as a former visitant of the heavens, whre I visited 7 years ago, Im sure, he is receiving even more knowldge and infinite love from God almighty, the creator and king of the stars.

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