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“Starfish Vision” Part I

The LORD Bless You

The LORD Jesus Christ is still speaking the following words to all who are truly children of the Kingdom:

Matthew 28:18-20… Then Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in Heaven and on earth.  Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.

In nearly two thousand years of human history since Jesus walked the shores of Galilee and climbed the mountains of Judea, this command has not been rescinded nor yet fulfilled.  The questions that each of us who have a burden for the lost, as our LORD still does- must ask are:

  • Since we are apparently moving into the final phase of history described in the Bible as the Last Days, how can the Great Commission be fulfilled?
  • Why hasn’t Christendom been successful in accomplishing this primary objective of GOD’s people until this very day?
  • What are the stark differences between true Biblical Christianity, and what has been promoted worldwide, especially in the western church- and most glaringly in America?
  • Does the Bible itself reveal GOD’s prescribed methods for completing the task at hand- involving every single true member of His Body?

These provocative questions and many more that will challenge the readers will be answered in depth in the reading of these two works; one- a brief overview, and the second a very complete and thoroughly biblical dissertation of what has been and still is on the Heart of GOD (YHVH) for millennia:  1) The salvation of mankind through the finished work of Christ on the cross of Calvary, 2) The Preparation of the Bride of Christ (pure overcomers) for the return of the LORD Jesus Christ- and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, and 3) The full transformation of Heaven and earth for the Eternity Future- Universal and trans-dimensional Empire of YHVH!

This is the first of two essays with citations from The Starfish Vision by Wolfgang Simson. The Starfish Manifesto  is the more comprehensive and important work on what the intentions of the Kingdom are in empowering GOD’S children in these Last Days.  It may seem preposterous to some for me to say this, but I believe it is true:   Until and unless we follow the LORD’s exact and specific methods for fulfilling the Great Commission as laid out skillfully in these two books, our beggarly efforts will be doomed to failure!  These both should be required reading for all who profess faith in Christ Jesus and consider themselves Biblical Christians.  Why?  Because it will thereby cause each of us to realize our GOD-ordained fruitful destiny in laying up treasure in Heaven, which after all- is all about souls!

Gathering Soon to His Presence

Gathering Soon to His Presence

From The Starfish Vision- by Wolfgang Simson

Part One:  What Is GOD Doing?

“For those with eyes to see, we are standing at the beginning of probably the final leg of history.  Many historic biblical prophecies speak of cataclysmic events due at the end of the age.  By all scientific standards in regards to the history of religion, church, politics and even economics, mankind is currently witnessing a global seismic value shift with unique geo-political consequences. Many followers of Christ instinctively know that these developments are essentially spiritual in nature, ushering in a time where all of humanity is being positioned for an age that only those will thoroughly understand and shape whose “LORD is their GOD” (Zechariah 12:5).  GOD speaks, and it happens.  He issues a decree- and this creates huge waves of reactions, initiates spiritual momentum and global “Mega-Trends” that are not born of human design, but at the intention of GOD.  For those who see beyond the current heated war of religions, the stagnation of traditional Christianity, the globalization of an emerging unified political system and an enslaving economy of Babylonian injustice benefiting amazingly few people, one thing becomes clear:  GOD is doing something in our days that, in terms of its scope and magnitude, “you would not believe even if you were told” (Hab. 1).  Many people of GOD can feel in their bones and marrow that we stand on a threshold, at a true watershed moment in history…

… The living GOD, as revealed in the Bible, is an acting GOD, and the message of this booklet is that he is currently deeply involved in four distinct and foundational moves, unique to this time…

… In an amazing initiative that is geared to position all of humanity for the ultimate return of the true King, GOD is leading all of those who have ears to hear and eyes to see back to Square One, the original and age-old foundation that is is Jesus Christ…

… In a nutshell, these are the four current moves of GOD of which I am speaking:

I) Jesus is King, not merely a savior.  As “King of Kings” He is technically the Emperor of an Empire.  Once we know who is in charge, the loyalty question is answered.  This also means:  It is Kingdom first, church second.  Jesus builds a Kingdom-shaped ekklesia, not church-shaped kingdoms.  Once we understand the governmental framework that is legally binding for all citizens of the Kingdom, the political question is also answered.  Christians are first citizens of the Kingdom of GOD, then members of local churches, and lastly citizens of political nation-states, or part of tribes and clans.

II) GOD initiated an apostolic and prophetic re-foundation.  Faceless and nameless apostolic and prophetic people are coming out of the shadows and re-entering the arena, beginning to work in synergy and bring their foundational ministries to the table.  This answers the strategic and structural questions.

III) GOD calls us back to Kingdom economics.  The Kingdom of GOD does not employ an enslaving Babylonian financial system, but the liberating Messianic finance and work principles that the Messiah demonstrated and introduced.  That answers the economic question.

IV) And GOD created the Starfish, a “prophetic animal” with amazing reproductive abilities [cut off any of the five legs or all of them, and it will result in five distinct and complete starfish!].  As more and more followers of Christ return to an obedient and therefore legal existence in the Kingdom, something nearly impossible becomes absolutely possible.  As GOD again blesses worshipful obedience, he restores fruitfulness, multiplication and global impact on such a level, that the fulfillment of the Great Commission becomes suddenly possible.  That answers the mission question “How will we complete the Great Commission?”

A Prophetic Prototype

A Prophetic Prototype

If this accurately describes GOD’s sovereign and current initiatives, our reaction can be as simple as this:  instead of hanging on to superficial conversions and me-centered, consumer-driven church systems that develop either into religious franchises or the splendid isolation chosen by a spirit of independence, we complete our conversion to Jesus and pledge loyalty to Him as our only King.  We start living as children of GOD and legal citizens in individual and corporate obedience to the principles of the Kingdom…

…This also means that we need to again accept the valid ministry and contribution of prophetic and apostolic people, live our faith according to the economic principles revealed in the New Testament, and become an integral part of GOD’s apostolic mission.  In other words: become the healthy and multiplying disciples Jesus called us to be, and corporately become that apostolic people that will complete GOD’s eternal purposes in this world…

…Can I therefore put in a word of warning?  Many of us may have grown up with what I call Church-as-we-know-it (CAWKI), and it may come as a resounding shock to us that Church-as-GOD-wants-it (CAGWI) not only looks very different, but acts and performs differently as well.  Many probably have been conditioned to think “all is well in Zion” and CAWKI is solid as a rock.  But as GOD restores order in His own household in order to fulfill his ancient plans, we might be both shocked about the degree of repentance and fundamental change required of us, change that will neither come cheap to any one of us, and will require an individual and corporate response and a fundamental change of thinking and acting.  But at the same time we might finally be finding what our soul has been searching for all our lives- and with it our true meaning and calling in life.  He is the one Who said, “You are My friends if you do what I say.”…

…We must present and live a clear, concise, biblical, and healthy alternative to a Christendom that does not any longer function according to its Divine Maker… It is at its very core unapostolic and not sent by GOD.  This booklet invites us to rediscover in very broad strokes the anatomy of GOD’s original, a divine blueprint that has been long hidden and submerged by a deviated Christianity that was busy parading itself as authentic.  My goal here is simply to give an account of the reasons for the wild hope many of us carry already, which is that GOD will finish His plans for the nations, most probably in our lifetime…

GOD Loves the Beauty of His Creation's Diversity!

GOD Loves the Beauty of His Creation’s Diversity!

I. Emperor Jesus and His Empire  

…Sadly, even within Christianity- not to even mention nominal Christianity, civil religion, or Christian culture- many know Jesus only superficially as savior, preacher, storyteller or prophet, but not as acting King.  And it shows…

…Many Christians have been taught the theory that Jesus is their King.  But not now, not here, not really, and not in any way that counts today.  Their practical lives and actions document their faith, that the rulership of Christ is irrelevant to them… To say that Jesus is currently functioning as King over His people would be a naive and idealistic statement, wishful thinking that ignores the facts…

…The world is full of churches that celebrate plain disobedience towards the true King in the name of individualism, guru-ism and tradition… On an even more painful level, many dysfunctional lives, marriages, families, missed or aborted callings speak volumes of Christians who are obviously completely out of touch with their King…

…The core of the problem are people who joyfully say, sing or even preach “LORD, LORD”, but do not in their wildest dreams think of actually respecting Jesus as acting King in the here and now and therefore do what He says.  As a result, many are in effect illegal aliens- they don’t respect nor obey at all what the King says, and end up in a depressed life that is neither royal nor priestly.  Neither can the authority of the King be seen in their lives, nor do they act as a priestly bridge in the gap between GOD and the world.  Far too many will be shocked to discover when they recite “LORD, LORD”, that only those who do the will of the Father and are practicing loyalty in thier lives will have a legal part in GOD’s Kingdom….

…Without practiced loyalty to the King, -something the Bible calls holiness, a life in clear separatedness and dedication to Jesus- we become dysfunctional, found partying with a dirty dress, and shown the door.  In the area of sex, money, power and religion, social and value studies confirm that Christians are no different than any other major group of society…

…Cheap un-apostolic preaching invites people into easy-beliefism, twisted theological teaching told them that Jesus will be King once He comes back; consumerism and a church geared up and structured to fulfill the needs of a demanding religious clientele has made the needs, problems and feelings of individuals or the ever available “conference crowd” the centerpiece of ministry…


…As Jesus is the divine Foundation Stone, without Whom “nothing was made that has been made” (John 1:3), the Spirit of GOD is now leading countless people into a global rediscovery of “Jesus the King”.  The resulting repentance includes an uncompromising loyal submission to the King- and a personal and corporate alignment to His principles out of loving obedience to Jesus the Savior.  As people declare their own absolute dependence to Jesus as their King, they will stop wanting to live just as they please, but want to live as true subjects of the King, individually and corporately.  Because He loved us first and saved us, we can now love Him back- and therefore obey Him with great joy…

John 14:15… If you love Me, you will obey what I command.

John 14:23… If anyone loves Me, he will obey My teaching.

John 15:14… You are My friends if you do what I command you. 

…The rediscovery of grace has brought much liberty from legalism and religious manipulation, but it is no license for anarchy, the absence of rule.  All new-found freedom needs to be balanced with a holy and healthy fear and respect.  As we can both play and drown in an ocean, GOD is both an approachable DAD, but also holy and absolute King and Judge….

…As humans sacrifice their own selfish ambition, the purpose of GOD becomes evident again.  Jesus, through a global move of the Holy Spirit is aligning His people and His very own Bride back to Himself in order to finish His original apostolic commission, in doing that, He is rescuing His people from centuries of misuse through institutionalism, traditionalism, and denominationalism through which much of Christianity has become little more than a program and event driven Sunday-religion with many franchises and disconnected groups mostly ignoring each other, or even actively competing with each other for a market share…

…This requires us to grasp that a Kingdom is not a democracy (demo-kratos: the rule of the people); in GOD’s Kingdom it is He who rules.  If at all we pledge our lives to somebody or something on this earth, it should be our righteous King and His Kingdom.  Whenever this happens, the Body of Christ suddenly again has a Head- and starts to function as it should.  Only the sky is the limit for such a church.

...Make Disciples of All Nations (Ethnos- Races)

…Make Disciples of All Nations (Ethnos- Races)

The Empire is Back

…The Kingdom of GOD- or, from now on, the Empire of GOD– is not at all just some future dream people encounter after entering Heaven; it is the realm of the uncontested rule of GOD.  The domain within which GOD is voluntarily obeyed…

…Life in the Empire runs counter-intuitive against our human reflexes and acts totally different from a fallen world…

The Foundation of the Empire

Daniel saw the beginning of this empire in the famous vision of a rock (Dan. 2), cut out not by human hands, smashing into the feet of a statue and then growing to become a mountain to fill the whole earth.  And if the issue is the surrender of all rebellion, then wherever people give up their contest with GOD and align themselves with the Emperor and His Empire, by becoming obedient to his imperial principles and decrees, the Empire pf GOD advances.  The expansion of the Empire of GOD is a dynamic process.  “Of the increase of His government there will be no end” (Isaiah 9:7).  In other words: just like a snowball can grow into an avalanche, the expansion of the Empire of GOD will begin small and seemingly insignificant, but will be impossible to stop.  Most secrets are told, not discovered.  This is exactly the reason why not intellectual genius, theological greatness or scientific scholarship, but childlike obedience will lead the way, without which, as Jesus said, no one will even enter the Empire of GOD.  Where do we find childlike obedience today?  It will be the very same place where the Empire of GOD grows fastest and most visibly:  the ability of humans to voluntarily place themselves in respect and obedient love under the rulership of the King…”

Life 2.0

Jesus has spoken of an “abundant life, a cup overflowing with GOD’s blessing.  Yet, not only the life of most people on the planet, but also the lives of many that call themselves Christians seem flat, resigned, defeated, purposeless and dysfunctional.  Leading a substandard life- Life 1.0– focusing on personal survival… is to lead the life of a slave… slaves of work, fashion, consumerism, of religious traditions, and a victim of their environment… However as multitudes move back into becoming loyal and legal citizens of the Empire of GOD, their individual and corporate lives will be completely revolutionized… empowered to lead a life of love, hope and faith… transformed from Church 1.0 to Church 2.0:  they will be restored back to become an apostolic people, a different species altogether…

…The fruit of Church 2.0 a Kingdom aligned church, will no longer be measured in glorious worship services, attendance or membership numbers, but how it changes lives that, in turn, change lives that changes lives like a gigantic series of dominoes, until the whole world is impacted…

Always and Forevermore!

Always and Forevermore!

…But if anyone wishes to be part of the ekklesia of GOD and aligns himself intentionally in loving obedience with Jesus, the Head of the Church and the Emperor, he will want to learn and obey afresh the life templates, the civil, spiritual, economic and political laws of the Empire of GOD.  As a result, he will personally experience the blessing of GOD, that most significant and totally transforming encounter, liberation and empowerment that will move a person from mere success to true significance…

… Every child of the Kingdom of GOD has been given the charisma to heal others, drive out demons and speak prophetically.  But to truly retake land from the domain of darkness for the King it is not enough to do a few signs here and there and lead a few minor battles, but it requires our readiness to take over responsibility for the newly taken land and cultivate it according to GOD’s directives…

…Wherever the signs of the Empire of GOD break into this world- through miracles, exorcisms, raising the dead or healings- it causes no small excitement.  Anyone witnessing these signs realize that this means they have just come in touch with an entirely new reality… This calls for people ready to answer the natural questions of those that are perplexed and astonished by witnessing a sign of the Kingdom, and take them to the King, baptize them, organize them into churches, make them disciples, and become their spiritual parents...

…This is why it is so crucial for us to see that the key to world mission is not charisma (gift, ability), but exousia , legal imperial power.   Jesus said, “All authority (exousia) in Heaven and earth has been given to me, Therefore go and make all people groups disciples…” (Matthew 28:18-20)… 

Santos here:  This is barely scratching the surface of the first section of this small book!  You will not fathom the incredible spiritual truths that will be revealed and unlocked in the sequel which is The Starfish Manifesto.  PLEASE- do yourselves the greatest service of personal edification, and acquire your own copies of these two works of Wolfgang Simson, linked to his name.  This is but the brief beginning of an extended series, which frankly does not do justice to the complete texts of either work!

The inexorable truths that are revealed by the Holy Spirit through his servant brother Wolfgang, cannot be denied or forestalled… since we are truly at the end of the Age; if we are privileged of GOD to delay His Divine Judgments- we may have twenty years as the church in the world- though not one of us is guaranteed even tomorrow!

A Prophetic Allegory (by Robert Burrell) that goes hand-in-glove with this outstanding exposition is entitled “Escape from Christendom”.  I pray that you will take the time to meditate upon and be spiritually edified by this beautiful yet terrifying fictionalized account of what actually lies ahead:

May the manifold Wisdom of the Holy Spirit guide you step by step, line upon line, and precept upon precept- in the ultimate fulfillment of your Divine Destiny in the Preparation of the Bride… and the full manifestation of the Kingdom from Heaven coming to earth!  To the Glory of GOD the Father, in the Sublime Name of the  LORD Jesus Christ, AMEN.

Behold, The New Jerusalem- Mt. Zion as a Bride adorned for Her Divine Husband!

Behold, The New Jerusalem- Mt. Zion as a Bride adorned for Her Divine Husband!

“10,000 Reasons” by Matt Redman


  1. Greetings friend, I’m Melissa Crawford and I appreciate the prophecy that I found on your webpage. My husband wanted me to invite you to share with our live video streaming e-revival audience as soon as possible. At Spirit University he is training a team of prophetic students and we are all receiving end time visions, dreams and words like yours. One of our students has been seeing fireballs falling from Heaven and as you know, one actually fell on Russia.

    Many other prophetic signs are being confirmed at our e-Revival.

    Everyone receives a prophetic word by my husband James Crawford; if they request one and we have an e-Revival every day! We would love to have you or anybody else’s prophecies shared at God’s revival!

    Times you can call in to share:
    Mon – Fri at 10:45 am & 7 pm (central)
    Sat. at 4 pm (central)
    Sun. at 11 am (central)

    Feel free to call our cell at (318) 655-2297 or email for more information.

    Keep up the good work and God bless you.

  2. Mr Santos,

    I just read your posting from fellow Wolfgang and found it a riveting extrapolation of the need for modern day Kingdom knowledge.
    Had I not been an active supporter and participator of Mario Murillo’s ministry, I wouldn’t have seen this Blog of yours and been Blessed.
    I leave with you here a Kingdom post from my ministry that was also posted on Mario’s webpage.
    Corporate Power in The King in 2019,

    • Thank you Carolina… Your ministry is blessed of our GOD. Stay well, in HIM ~Santos

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