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The True Ark of the Everlasting Covenant

Our Saviour, GOD, and King.  He is our Friend, our Brother, our Beloved, & our Betrothed!

Our Saviour, GOD, and King. He is our Friend, our Brother, our Beloved, & our Betrothed!

I have had the privilege of reading, studying, and posting on this Blog excerpts from the Biblical scholarship of Kevin Conner.  I cannot recommend his many reference resources more highly than to say that every single one of his many books will propel you into a much deeper and richer walk with the LORD Jesus Christ.  I will list a good number of his outstanding titles at the end of this blogpost.

This essay is critical to a true understanding of the Ark of the Covenant and its profound importance to all Biblical Christians, and the children of Israel who have yet to recognize their Messiah- our LORD Jesus Christ.  There is a ‘Great Awakening’ on the near horizon- subsequent to a world-shaking Revival in the true Body of Christ throughout the nations.  Once the slumbering church is jarred out of the stupor of lukewarm ‘sleep’, the full preparation of the Bride will begin in earnest.  So much to do… with so little time; yet GOD’s Grace is more than sufficient for our every need!

Philippians 2:9-11 "...EVERY knee shall bow... and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is LORD, to the glory of GOD the Father."

Philippians 2:9-11 “…EVERY knee shall bow… and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is LORD, to the glory of GOD the Father.”

The world will continue to be buffeted with one cataclysm after another, which our GOD will allow as many will cry out to the LORD and receive His comfort, provision, and needed strength to endure the ‘flames’ of adversity.  The innocent unfortunately will suffer greatly with the wicked, as we are in the midst of the beginning of sorrows [birthpangs] according to Matthew Chapter 24 (see parallel passage Revelation 6 entire).  The inevitable is drawing ever closer.  Still there are many as yet unfulfilled prophecies concerning the events that precede the true Rapture of the Church, and later the visible Second Coming of the LORD of Glory.  May this citation of the full chapter “The Ark of the Covenant” from Kevin Connor’s volume The Temple of Solomon bless you deeply with illumination from the Holy Spirit regarding your magnificent inheritance in Christ! 

"... my Rock, my Fortress, and my Deliverer..."  Psalm 18:2a

“… my Rock, my Fortress, and my Deliverer…” Psalm 18:2a

from The Temple of Solomon by Kevin Connor

Chapter 31:  The Ark of The Covenant

In our previous chapters we have dealt with the furniture in the outer court, the furniture in the holy place.  Now we come to the furniture in the holiest of all, the holy oracle.  This article is the magnificent ark of the Covenant.

The ark of the Covenant was the most important article of furniture.  All other articles became meaningful in the light of this piece.  The ark gave spiritual character and significance to all other articles.  It was upon the ark that the visible manifestation of GOD’s glory and presence dwelt and it was from between the Cherubim and the mercy seat that the audible voice of GOD spoke and was heard by the high priest.  We move on in our study to the fuller significance of the marvelously designed ark of the LORD, the very throne of GOD in the earth, in the midst of Israel, His chosen people.

It is significant that there were three arks in Scripture, each of them having to do with the waters of judgment and deliverance for the people of GOD.  These arks were the following:

  1. Noah’s ark carried Noah over the judgment waters of the Flood and witnessed the death of all ungodly flesh (Genesis 6:24).
  2. Moses’ ark carried him through the waters of death in the river Nile while other children suffered death (Exodus 2:3-5).
  3. GOD’s ark opened the waters of Jordan for Israel to pass into the promised land (Exodus 25:22 w/ Joshua 3-4 chapters).
The Levitical Priesthood carrying the Ark of the Eternal Covenant

The Levitical Priesthood carrying the Ark of the Eternal Covenant

A. The Ark of the Covenant

There was only ever one ark of the Covenant.  David was not given relation to make another or a new ark.  This was the one and only ark, given by revelation to Moses at Mt. Sinai, placed in the Tabernacle of Moses, then transferred in time to the Tabernacle of David, and finally here transferred into the Temple of Solomon, its ultimate resting place.  The ark was the only article of furniture brought from the Tabernacle of Moses into Solomon’s Temple.  Again, it skews of the fact that there is but one Christ of GOD, one mediator between GOD and man.  He will eternally be the one and the same Saviour and sacrifice for sin (John 14:1, 6; 1 Timothy 2:5; Hebrews 10:12-14).

One brazen altar, one brazen laver, one lamp stand, one table, one altar of incense was seen in Moses Tabernacle.  One brazen altar, one molten, one altar of incense was seen in the Temple.  Ten brazen lavers, ten lamp stands, ten tables of shewbread are in the Temple.  But there is only ever ONE ARK OF THE COVENANT in either Tabernacle or Temple.  There is only ever and eternally ONE THRONE of GOD and the Lamb (Revelation 22:1-2).

The Tabernacle of Moses in the Wilderness

The Tabernacle of Moses in the Wilderness

From “The Tabernacle of Moses” we note the brief design of the ark and its symbolic details, as well as weaving though out further truths as seen in the ark in Solomon’s Temple.

  1. Its Revelation- Exodus 25:1-22-  The ark was given by revelation to Moses in Mt. Sinai.  It was not of human imagination of origin.  It originated in the heart of GOD and His desire to have a place to dwell among His redeemed people.
  2. Its Construction- Exodus 37:1-9-  It was made by the wisdom and the ability of the Spirit of GOD according to the Divine pattern given to Moses in the mount.
  3. Its Measurements-  In shape it was like an oblong box or chest with lid on the top of it.  Its measurements were 2 1/2 cubits long, 1 1/2 cubits wide and 1 1/2 cubits high.  Its significance is that the grate of the brazen altar in Moses Tabernacle (blood sacrifice), and the table of shewbread (communion) and the blood-sprinkled mercy seat on the ark of the Covenant (atonement, propitiation, reconciliation) were the same height.  So Christ is our sacrificial Saviour, our Bread of communion, and our blood-sprinkled mercy seat.  All these are connected in His one Person.  Only as we are redeemed by the blood sacrifice can we have communion in the light of His presence and His mercy.
  4. Its Materials- The ark was made of acacia wood overlaid with gold within and without.  Wood speaks of His incorruptible humanity, and gold His Divinity.  Two materials, yet one ark; two natures yet one person, the God-Man.  This was the only article from the Tabernacle of Moses placed within the Temple.  The acacia wood would remind Israel of their wanderings in the wilderness over the 40 years and their entrance to the land of promise where the kingdom was established, symbolized in the Temple by the cedar wood.
  5. Its Contents-  There were four articles relative to the ark, three of which were placed inside, and one in the side of the ark although not specifically stated how it was placed.  These articles were:
  • The Tablets of the Law- Exodus 25:16-17; Deuteronomy 10:5; 31:26… Such was symbolic of the Father‘s Law, the source of all order, authority and government.  By these laws the nation was governed and protected morally, socially and spiritually, as long as they kept them.  It also points to the fact the Father’s law was in the heart of Christ who is the only man who kept these laws perfectly (Psalm 40:8; Hebrews 10:7).  The Father was the Law-giver.
  • The Golden Pot of Manna- Exodus 16; Hebrews 9:4; John 6; Revelation 2:17… The manna was symbolic of the blessed Son of GOD, the heavenly bred of GOD without which all men will die.
  • The Rod of Aaron that budded- Numbers 17:10; Hebrews 9:4… This speaks of the Holy Spirit, who is the life-giving One, sealing the priesthood of the LORD Jesus Christ by resurrection life and power.  Even as the budding rod confirmed Aaron’s anointed and appointed priesthood by the manifestation of like, so does the resurrection for Christ Jesus.
  • The Book of the Covenant- Deuteronomy 31:26; 1 Kings 22… The Book of the Covenant was placed in the side of the ark, though how is not specifically stated.  However, it speaks of the Bible, the Book of GOD’s covenantal dealings are written in His covenant book.

Thus we have four particular articles relative to the ark of the covenant.  In another aspect we may see how all these articles in the ark speak of that which is fulfilled “In Christ”.  Christ is THE WAY (GOD’s Law), THE TRUTH (GOD’s Bread), and THE LIFE (GOD’s Rod).  John 14:1,6… All find fulfillment in Him personally.  Christ is also GOD’s NEW Covenant (The Living Word, The Living Bible) personified (Isaiah 42:1-8; 49:6-8).

The Ark of the Everlasting Covenant speaks of Christ's Atonement

The Ark of the Everlasting Covenant speaks of Christ’s Atonement

The ark involved the three aspects of the law of GOD, these being, the moral law in the Ten Commandments, the civil law in the Book of the Law, and then the ceremonial law involved in the sacrificial blood on the Mercy Seat.  The Law was given by Moses but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ (John 1:17; Isaiah 42:21).

6.  Its Names- The ark was known by various names and designations each of them having some distinctive aspect of truth the law wanted to impress upon Israel, His people.  It was called:

  • The Ark of the Testimony (Exodus 25:22)
  • The Ark of the Covenant of the LORD (Numbers 10:33)
  • The Ark of the LORD GOD (1 Kings 2:26)
  • The Ark of the LORD, the LORD of all the earth (Joshua 3:13)
  • The Ark of GOD (1 Samuel 3:3)
  • The Holy Ark (2 Chronicles 35:3)
  • The Ark of Thy Strength (Psalm 132:8)
  • The Ark of the Covenant of GOD (Judges 20:27)
  • The Ark of the Covenant (Joshua 3:6)
  • The Ark of the LORD (Joshua 4:11)
  • The Ark of the GOD of Israel (1 Samuel 5:7)
  • The Ark of Acacia Wood (Exodus 25:10)

7.  Its Crown-  The ark had a crown of gold round about on the top of it.  No doubt this also acted as a seat for the lid of the ark called the Mercy Seat.  The crown speaks of Christ’s kingship.  The holiest of all was actually GOD’s throne room for the nation of Israel.  He is the King of kings and LORD of lords.  He is the King of the Jews.  The Gospel of Matthew reveals Him as the King of His Kingdom (Matthew 2:2).  He is also King-Priest eternally (Psalm 110:1-2; Hebrews 7:1-12; Psalm 2:6).

8.  Its Transport-  For transport the ark had four rings of gold in the four corners.  These were to have staves of acacia wood overlaid with gold placed in them and were used for the transport of the ark in the wilderness journeyings to the promised land.  These staves were never to be taken from the ark until it entered the Temple.  The ark was borne on the shoulders of priests during the wilderness days.  However, once the ark was taken into the Temple of the LORD, the staves were taken out.  Its journeyings were over.  The staves were placed in such a position that the priest could see the ends of them, thus reminding them of their past pilgrimages and the promises of GOD now fulfilled in the land of rest (1 Kings 8:8; 1 Chronicles 15:15).

9.  Its Coverings-  In transport in the wilderness and pilgrimage days the ark was always covered from human eyes with the veil, the badger skins and a cloth of blue.  Symbolically we may view these coverings:

  • The Veil-  symbolic of the Son’s humanity, the veil of His flesh rent at Calvary (Numbers 4:5-6; Hebrews 10:19-21).
  • The Badger Skins-  symbolic of the Father GOD, who is over all and above all.
  • The Cloth of Blue-  symbolic of the Holy Spirit and heavenly authority.

Relating to Christ Himself, we would say that these three coverings speak of the Son’s humanity (the veil), the Son’s submission to authority (the blue), and as to Calvary, there was no beauty that we should desire Him (the badger skins).  Only those who had revelation of who He really was saw the beauty in Christ as GOD’s covenant, but the unregenerate eyes never saw anything but the man after the flesh and thus missed the Christ of GOD in His earthly walk.

Please ignore the LDS credit... still a great image

Please ignore the LDS credit… still a great image

10. Its Mercy Seat-  The covering or lid of the ark was the Mercy Seat with its magnificence in the cherub on each end and the Mercy Seat between, all beaten out of one piece of pure gold.  It acted as a lid fitting within the crown on the box-like Ark of the Covenant.  The Mercy Seat and the Cherubim overlooking the blood-stained Mercy Seat [again] was fashioned out of one piece of gold.  This Triunity becomes a magnificent symbolic representation of the GODhead as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  • One Cherub-  symbolic of the Father.
  • The Mercy Seat-  symbolic of the Son, blood-stained, our propitiation (Greek ‘hilasterion’ Mercy Seat- Romans 3:25).
  • One Cherub-  symbolic of the Holy Spirit.

As the faces of the Cherubim gazed one toward another and yet toward the Mercy seat and the blood, so the Father and the Holy Spirit gaze toward each other and yet look with satisfaction upon the sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ at Calvary.  “When I see the blood, I will pass over you”  (Exodus 12).  In the Temple there were an additional two great Cherubim made of olive wood overlaid with gold and placed within the holy oracle, overshadowing the Ark of the Covenant.  Therefore, treatment of the theme of the Cherubim will be covered more fully in the succeeding chapter.

B.  The Name of the LORD

A study of these Scriptures reveal that the Ark of the Covenant was the article of furniture upon which THE NAME OF THE LORD dwelt.  This was the place where the redemptive name dwelt.  Here between the Cherubim the glory-presence of GOD was manifested (2 Samuel 6:1-2; 2 Chronicles 5:14; 13:6).  From an earlier chapter we remember that the purpose of the building of the Temple was that GOD may have a place where His Name could dwell, where His Name could be made known to the nations [Please see complete chapter on my post:  The Divine Purpose For The Temple].  The Name of the LORD in redemptive revelation is seen in the Old Testament compound redemptive names of Jehovah.  All find their ultimate fulfillment in the New Testament compound redemptive Name of the LORD Jesus Christ.  This is the greatest compound redemptive name ever to be revealed in this age or the ages to come, for it comprehends in a triune name all the redemptive names of GOD in the Old Testament (Acts 2:34-37; Ephesians 1:19-23).

C.  The History of the Ark of GOD

There is absolutely no doubt that the history of the ark foreshadowed the history of the LORD Jesus Christ.  Its history is “His Story” indeed!  All that the Ark was to Israel is what Christ is to His church.  The reader will bear with some repetition as we outline briefly as possible the history of the Ark of the LORD.  However, it should be remembered that there are more details concerning the history of the Ark of the Covenant than any of the other articles of furniture.  This is rightly so.  For the Ark of GOD, to Israel, represents His throne, His presence, His glory among His people.  In our brief outline we will endeavor to relate  all to Christ who is GOD’s Ark of the Covenant personified.

The Ark With Precious Contents- Representing "The Holy Trinity".

The Ark With Precious Contents- Representing “The Holy Trinity”.

1.  The Ark was made according to the pattern by the enablement of the Spirit of GOD in wisdom (Exodus 35:31-36:2; 25:10-22).  This was prophetic of Christ’s incarnation.

2.  The Ark was made by the wisdom and Spirit of GOD.  So Christ was conceived of the Holy Spirit in the wisdom of GOD (Matthew 1:18-21; Luke 1:30-33).

3.  It was the Ark of the Testimony (Exodus 26:33-34; 30:6).  Christ is GOD’s testimony to mankind.

4.  The Ark was anointed with holy oil (Exodus 30:26).  Christ is GOD’s anointed.

5.  The Ark was never exposed to human eyes in wilderness wanderings (Numbers 4:44-45).  Christ was never seen in the fullness of His glory by unregenerate human eyes in His earthly walk.

6.  The voice of GOD spoke from the Ark of the Covenant (Exodus 25:22; Numbers 7:8,9).  GOD spoke through Christ Jesus, who is GOD’s Mercy Seat (Leviticus 16:2).

7.  The Ark was the Israelites Ark of Strength (Psalm 132:6-8).  Christ is GOD’s strength to His people.

8.  The Ark was set in the holiest of all.  GOD has set Christ in Heaven’s holiest of all, within the veil (Exodus 40:3-5, 20-21; 39:35; Hebrews 6:18-20).

9.  The Ark had the Law, the Manna, the budding Rod within it (Hebrews 9:4).  So Christ kept GOD’s Law, He was the Bread of Heaven, and He was raised from death to life as GOD’s eternal High Priest.

10.  The Ark has the Book of the Law in the side of it (Deuteronomy 31:9, 25-26).  So Christ is GOD’s new covenant available for all repentant  and believing mankind.

11.  The cloud overshadowed the Ark of the Covenant in the Tabernacle (Exodus 40:34-38).  So the glory overshadowed Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration (Matthew 17:1-5).  The voice spoke out of the cloud.

His Divinity flashed through His Humanity!

His Divinity flashed through His Humanity!

12.  There was shouting and joy as the Ark entered the city, so there was when Jesus entered the city of Jerusalem on the donkey (Matthew 21:1-11; 2 Samuel 6:12-18).

13.  Those who despised the Ark of GOD and expressions of joy were smitten with barrenness physically (2 Samuel 6:20-23; 1 Chronicles 15:29).  Spiritual barrenness comes to churches which despise the manifestations of the Spirit of GOD on His people because of His Presence.

14.  The Ark was in the Tabernacle of David for many years amidst continual music, singing and instruments with sacrifices of praise (1 Chronicles 16:4, 37, 42).  So there is singing in the midst of the church (Hebrews 2:12).

15.  The Ark was taken into captivity by the gentile Philistines.  They wanted to know what to do TO the Ark, and what to do WITH the Ark (1 Samuel 6:2; 5:8).  When the Ark was taken Israel fled (1 Samuel 4:10).

16.  The Ark was carried across the brook Kidron with the rejected king David at one time (2 Samuel 15:23-24).  So Christ came across the brook Kidron (John 18:1).  He was about to be despised and rejected of men.

17.  The Ark experienced a 3 days journey seeking rest for the people of GOD.  In this time the Tabernacle was taken down, the glory removed as it went to find rest for Israel.  The glory returned when the Tabernacle was set up again (Numbers 10:33-36).  So Christ was taken down from the cross, and then 3 days later resurrected in a glorified body as He brought rest from sin and Satan to the church, the New Testament people of GOD (Matthew 12:38-40).

18.  The Ark led the way into the Jordan, the river of judgment, 2000 cubits ahead of the people, and then held the waters back for Israel to pass through (Joshua 3:3-15).  So Christ has conquered the waters of death about 2000 years ago, making way for the church to follow.

19.  The Ark was sprinkled with blood on the great Day of Atonement [Yom Kippur] when the priest went within the veil (Leviticus 16).  So Christ is both our High Priest and is blood-sprinkled by Calvary and has gone within the veil of the heavenly sanctuary (Hebrews Chapters 9 & 10; Romans 5:11).

20.  The position of the Ark was “in the midst” of the camp of Israel when in the wanderings period, and also as they marched (Numbers 2:17; 10:14-28).  Christ is always “in the midst” of His people when they gather together in His Name (Matthew 18:18-20).

21.  Presuming to fight without the Ark of GOD meant defeat (Numbers 14:44-45).  Without Christ there is defeat in battles against satan’s kingdom.

22.  The Ark meant blessing to Israel but judgment to the enemies (1 Samuel 4:1-22; 1 Samuel 5; 2 Samuel 6:11).  So the Gospel of Christ is life to those who believe and death to those reject (2 Corinthians 2:15-16).

23.  The Ark was the place where the high priest and people enquired for the mind of GOD (Joshua 21:1-2).  Christ is GOD’s oracle, the person we seek in order to find the mind of GOD the Father (1 Timothy 2:5; Hebrews 7:26-27).

The Holy Ark of our Holy GOD YHVH...

The Holy Ark of our Holy GOD YHVH…

24.  No false god could stand before the Ark of the true GOD of Israel (1 Samuel 5:1-4).  So all the false gods of men and devils will fall before His glory (John 18:6; Philippians 2:1-10).

25.  Seven priests with seven trumpets preceded the Ark when Jericho fell.  At the seventh time, on the seventh day, at the sound of the seventh trumpet there was a great shout and the city [walls] collapsed.  The kingdom was possessed by the Israel of GOD (Joshua 6; Hebrews 11:30).  In Revelation we see seven angels with seven trumpets.  At the sounding of the seventh (the last) trumpet the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our GOD and His Christ.  He comes with a great shout at the lamp trump (1 Thessalonians 4:16).

26.  The Ark was placed “in the midst” of two companies of the tribes of Israel, one on Mt. Ebal, the mount of cursing, and the other on Mt. Gerizim, the mount of blessing  (Joshua 8:30-35 and Deuteronomy 11:29).  The day will come when all nations will stand before Christ.  The ones on the right hand come into blessing, and the ones on the left come into cursing and judgment (Matthew 25:32-46).

27.  The Ark eventually is taken from the Tabernacle of David and set in the Temple of Solomon, its final resting place (1 Kings 8).  How, this brings us to our final thoughts in this chapter.

The LORD Jesus Christ is the ONLY True Ark of Safety- of the Everlasting Covenant

The LORD Jesus Christ is the ONLY True Ark of Safety- of the Everlasting Covenant

In our review of the history of the Ark, we see the truths of Christ’s incarnation, His anointing, His rejection, His humiliation at the hands of the Gentiles and Israel, His resurrection, ascension, exaltation, glorification and enthronement at the Father’s right hand.  The history of the Ark also shows Christ’s position in the midst of His people, and brings us to His Second Coming and the final judgment of the nations.

What tremendous truth is seen in the Biblical revelation and history of the Ark of the Covenant.  It is truly “His Story”, the Christ of history!  The Tabernacle of Moses sets forth more of Christ’s humiliation, while the Temple of Solomon set forth more of Christ’s exaltation, yet both complete each other’s symbolic revelation.

D.  The Ark of GOD into the Temple of GOD

Having traced in brief outline the history of the Ark from its revelation and construction and its journeys through the wilderness into Canaan land, we come now to the Ark’s final resting place- in the Temple of the LORD.

The Temple was actually built to house the Ark of GOD.  King David expressed his burden when he dwelt in a house of cedars while the Ark of GOD was in a tent.  It was this concern for GOD’s throne on earth that precipitated his desire to build a house for the LORD.  This desire of David was fulfilled through his son Solomon who built the Temple according to the pattern given to David (1 Chronicles 28:1-2; 17:1-27; 2 Chronicles 6:41; 2 Samuel 7:1-29).  The LORD had dwelt in a tent up to this time.  The Temple would be GOD’s rest.

Solomon, at the completion of the Temple, went to Mt. Zion, to the Tabernacle of David where the Ark of GOD had been for about 30 years or more to bring it into its resting place (1 Kings 8:1-11).  From Mt. Zion it was brought to Mt. Moriah, or, from the Tabernacle of David to the Temple of Solomon.

In the Temple it was placed in the Most Holy Place which was called “the holy oracle”, or “the speaking place”.  The holy oracle was “His place” (2 Chronicles 6:7).  It is significant that the Ark was the first article made for the Tabernacle but it was the last piece to enter the Temple.  Christ is also “the first and the last”, the beginning and the ending, THE Alpha and THE Omega (Genesis 1:1; Revelation 22:21).  In the volume of the book it is written of HIM (Psalm 40:7-8; Hebrews 10:5-8).

Lamb of GOD- Conquering Lion of Judah!

Lamb of GOD- Conquering Lion of Judah!

1.  The Contents of the Ark-  1 Kings 8:9; 2 Chronicles 5:10 

When the Ark was placed in the Temple the only contents in the Ark were the two tablets of the Law of GOD.  The golden pot of manna was removed.  The budding rod of Aaron was gone.  The Law of GOD only remained.

Perhaps the significance of those may be seen in the following thoughts.  The manna was a result of the murmurings of Israel in the wilderness days.  The manna was also a wilderness food.  When Israel entered Canaan land they partook of the fruit of the land (Joshua 5:12).  It seems also to have prophetic significance in the Book of Revelation.   There the overcomer is given promise of eating the hidden manna (Revelation 2:17).  The hidden manna speaks of eternal life.  It corresponds with the tree of eternal life which will be restored to those who are redeemed (Revelation 22:1-4).

The budding rod of Aaron also was the result of the murmurings of Israel in the wilderness.  GOD confirmed Aaron’s priesthood by the sign of the budding rod.  Aaron was the high priest of the wilderness days.  Since Israel entered Canaan Eleazar was the high priest of this first period.  In New Covenant times Christ is our Eternal and Great High Priest, having no successor to His ministry.  He lives in the power of an endless life after the order of Melchizedek.  So there is no need of the budding rod for all who enter the eternal kingdom of GOD.  Christ’s priesthood is forever settled by the fact of His resurrection and ascension to heaven.

The Law remains.  GOD’s Law is eternal, spiritual, holy, just and good.  The Law of the LORD is perfect.  It is the eternal Law of Love and loving obedience.  Angelic beings or redeemed mankind will live eternally according to GOD’s Holy Law.  All will keep the Law of Love; love to GOD and love to one another.  All other laws are fulfilled in the Law of Love.

2.  The Removal of the Staves-  1 Kings 8:1-11; 2 Chronicles 5:1-10

The staves were never taken out while the Ark was in the Tabernacle in the wilderness, or in the journeying poeriod (Exodus 25:15).  It spoke of the fact that there was no permanent rest while traveling in the wilderness.  It was the period of wandering.  Christ, as the Son of Man had nowhere to lay His head while in His earthly walk.  The Temple would be the place of rest.  So Christ has entered into Heaven’s sanctuary, the heavenly Temple, and has found rest in the finished work of the atonement.  This rest is for the believer, not now in a land but in a person (Matthew 11:28-30).

The Psalmist speaks of the Ark coming into rest in the Temple of GOD (Psalm 1132:8.  Read also these Scriptures pertaining to the Ark of GOD in the holy Temple.  1Kings 3:15; 6:19; 1 Chronicles 6:31; 13:3-14; 15:1-29; 16:1-6, 37; 17:1; 22:19; 28:2, 18; 2 Chronicles 1:4; 5:1-10; 6:11, 41; 8:11; 35:3; Hebrews 9:4).

The tent stage was significant of the pilgrimage character of GOD’s people.  They lived in tents int he wilderness days.  Now in Canaan land houses replace tents.  Permanency is taking precedence over wanderings.

The Temple stage speaks of rest, permanence and victory over all enemies.  The Temple is GOD’s place of rest, His dwelling place amongst the redeemed Israel of GOD.  Such is the truth symbolized in the removal of the staves from the Ark of the LORD.

E.  The Throne Room of the LORD

It has already been noted that the holiest of all in both Tabernacle and Temple was foursquare as to its measurements.  This foursquare room symbolized the very throne room of GOD amongst His people.  It points, as do all foursquares in both Tabernacle and Temple to the ultimate foursquare in the Book of Revelation, the foursquare  City of GOD.  John saw the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, coming down out of Heaven as a Bride adorned for her Husband.  The City was foursquare, its streets of gold.  In it was the throne of GOD and the Lamb (Revelation 21:22).  In that City there will be no veil between.  All the redeemed as kings and priests unto GOD will have access.

He is The Open Door to an Open Heaven...

He is The Open Door to an Open Heaven…


In bringing this chapter to a close it is worthy to note the very final mention of the Ark of GOD in both both and New Testaments.  In the Old Testament the final mention of the Ark is found in Jeremiah 3:16.  There the LORD told Israel that the time was coming when they would no more remember the Ark, or talk about the Ark of the LORD, nor would it even come into their mind.  This is a remarkable prophecy when the Ark was the most important article of furniture in the whole history of the nation, for theTabernacle of Moses, the Tabernacle of David and for the Temple of Solomon.

At that time they would seek the LORD and His throne at Jerusalem.  That is, the eternal throne and the eternal Jerusalem, not the earthly thing which would pass away.

The final mention of the Ark in the New Testament is found in Revelation 11:19.  There John sees the heavenly Temple opened and the Ark of GOD sending forth flashings of Divine activity into the earth.  This is the eternal Ark or throne of GOD.  The ark on earth was but the passing shadow of the eternal.  This is the Ark or throne of GOD that believers will gather around in the ages to come, for all eternity to worship GOD the Father and the redeeming Lamb, His Son.  [end of citation- sg]

I (Santos) pray that this study on the Ark of the Eternal Covenant will impact you all as profoundly as it has me.  Please prayerfully consider adding titles of Kevin Conner’s books to your library.  See under Kevin Connor for these recommendation (these links will take you there):

In the darkness that is overwhelming our planet, the Light of the Glory of GOD in the Face of Jesus Christ MUST shine through each of the blood-bought children of the Kingdom- sons and daughters of our ABBA Father, by His Holy Spirit… in Jesus’ Holy Name, AMEN!

For deeper insight into how GOD the Father sees His children; to better understand the elementary principles of Christ (Hebrews 6:1-3); the ‘mysteries’ of Christ’s Kingdom; and our individual and corporate calling, commission, and empowerment- please review my first published book and the Table of Contents on the Amazon website linked here via Book Title:  “Thy Kingdom Come- Here and Now!”

“Rushing Waters” by Dustin Smith

He Is Risen Indeed!

He Is Risen Indeed!


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