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“I AM REMNANT” – Book Review

Will YOU Be Bold Enough To Declare This Truth?

Will YOU Be Bold Enough To Declare This Truth?

I literally inhaled this book (256 pages- 13 Chapters) after hearing the author’s testimony of the LORD’s provision, calling, and grace upon Pat Schatzline‘s life and ministry (see video link at bottom of post).  This volume is a clarion call that takes us all a step further at the End of this Age to prepare the Harvesters for what Arthur Burt of the UK has decreed will be The Greatest Move of GOD the Earth has seen!  The nets must be prepared according to Matthew 13:47-50.  More souls will be added to the Kingdom of our LORD Jesus Christ, between today and His Glorious Appearing… than in the past 2000 years combined!  Can we believe and work for a billion souls in the Western Hemisphere alone?  And can those called to the Eastern Hemisphere likewise believe for a billion new Disciples to be birthed, trained, matured, and activated for the work of the ministry in these Last Days?  IF it is possible and it is, it WILL be the Work of the Holy Spirit in every son and daughter of the Living GOD who in spirit and in truth will stand in obedience and declare, “I AM REMNANT”!

First and Great Commandment

These selected quotes from the text of this important book for the Preparation of the Body and Bride of Christ, should compel a desire in the hearts of the children of the Eternal Kingdom to live out this Biblical mandate out of love for our Risen LORD!  DO get the book and do get ready, for the best is yet to come!  He has saved the best wine for the last generation!

From the back cover- “Throughout history GOD has used small, powerful groups who have stayed true to Him to transform culture, government, and even the spiritual climate of a nation.  The Bible calls them remnants.  Today GOD continues to set apart men and women who will rise up, speak out, and lead.  He is waiting for you.  This IS your moment.  Time is running out, and your voice is needed to transform the world with a message from the Throne of GOD.  Like Samuel, you must accept the mantle GOD has for you.  Will you accept the call? 

Are You Available AND Willing?

Are You Available AND Willing?

From the Foreword- “I’ve recently come under the conviction that a generation of game-changers are going to emerge that history and heaven will never forget.  This remnant will revolutionize their world, demonstrate the Kingdom, and usher in the greatest harvest the world has ever seen… … There are defining moments in the history of every nation, and in each generation there are leaders who recognize and seize these opportunities.  I believe America is on the threshold of a historic moment.  I have been gripped by a promise of end-time awakeners who will be used of GOD in unprecedented fashion.  They will bear the markings of a supernatural lifestyle and a people wholly given over to the LORD.  They have reached a desperation point that will not be ignored… From the Introduction-  The Remnant Manifesto

  • The remnant have found freedom in the arms of a loving Savior who has not only forgiven their past but also now has authority over their future.
  • The remnant knows the I AM has now made them His.
  • The remnant consists of those who fell like failures- the fatherless, the forgotten, and the freedom fighters- whose pedigree is that of a scarred Savior.
  • The remnant rescues the hurting and defends the fatherless.
  • The remnant cannot be defined by man’s concepts because they find their value in the eyes of a Savior.
  • The remnant has decided that, at all costs, they will not quit on the One who would not quit on them.
  • The remnant doesn’t stop where they should have died because they know Jesus didn’t.
  • The remnant chooses to let go of past hurts in order to experience the freedom that comes with forgiving and moving forward.
  • The remnant choses to leave a life of compromise for the spirit of consecration.
  • The remnant will not be swayed by the wind of compromise, will not stare into the eyes of revenge, and will not seek the approval of the populace.
  • The remnant seeks holy justice with a passion for pursuing the fallen asleep with the knowledge of Him who is awakening the dead.
Called into the Kingdom 'for such a time as this'

Called into the Kingdom ‘for such a time as this’

  • The remnant seeks to gain nothing but always has everything to give.
  • The remnant declares grace with justice, power with meekness, and joy with accountability.
  • The remnant has mastered the simple fact that true revival is not a gathering of the saved but a resurrection of the lost.
  • The remnant are private worshippers with a public voice who seek only the revelation of GOD’s Kingdom and not their own empire.
  • The remnant does not bow to culture but finds culture recreated by their passion for Jesus.
  • The remnant walks among lost humanity not screaming insults or provoking slander, but invading with light that which has only known darkness.
  • The remnant includes the apostle with worn-out garments, the smiling prophet, the transparent pastor, the weeping missionary, the teacher with tools in hand, and the servant evangelist.
  • The remnant understands the fruit of the Spirit is not a salad for a church potluck but rather the diet of a lifetime.
  • The remnant knows the gifts of the Spirit are not for the evangelical, charismatic, and Pentecostal talent show but rather weapons of a dying leader who has chosen spirit over flesh and freedom over slavery.
  • The remnant stands for truth until the shifting sand of compromise slides from underneath their feet to reveal the Rock of Salvation.  The remnant does not walk in fear of man’s retribution but rather in fear that man will never know the love of a Savior.
  • The remnant always clashes with religion because they know, throughout history, religion has always tried to be the noose around the neck of a Holy Spirit movement.
  • The remnant is not a pulpiteer or public speaker but rather a resuscitator of life to those who have lost breath.
Our Motivation:  The LOVE of Christ!

Our Motivation: The LOVE of Christ!

  • The remnant doesn’t need the stage but rather a place to call home to bring a weary guest.
  • The remnant is satisfied at all times because they hunger and thirst after righteousness- and they shall be filled.
  • The remnant does not walk in flattering circles but rather in the places where the unknown sojourner must be found.
  • The remnant says yes to the cross and no to the applause, yes to the altar and no to arrogance, yes to covenant and no to worldly concepts.
  • The remnant has chosen to be the least of these to the greatest of them.
  • The remnant sleeps in peace only when night has dawned in order to strengthen the journey and mission.
  • The remnant hides in the shadow of intercession only long enough to embody the burden of restoration.
  • The remnant doesn’t mind seclusion, knowing it is where strength is found, as their peace comes from secret encounters and private glances with the heavenly Father.
  • The remnant has decided that, at all costs, they will not allow the next generation to speak of the last generation as a group that didn’t want to see GOD’s glory.
  • The remnant is afraid of only one thing: that time will not permit all they feel called by GOD to do.

 Co-Heir with Christ

page 4…  So let me ask you this:  Could it be that all GOD needs to awaken a nation is a remnant to carry out His plan?  I believe that is, indeed, all He needs.

One of my heroes of the faith, pastor David Wilkerson, once penned a powerful devotional about GOD’s use of a remnant to accomplish His plans- especially GOD’s plan to use a remnant in the end times.  Here are a few words from that devotional:

All the prophets saw the end times and prophesied of the gathering of a separated, holy people who would have great understanding in the Word of GOD.  Daniel heard great things from GOD but ‘understood not’ (Daniel 12:8)  However, he saw a day coming when a purified, tried and tested remnant would understand; there would be a last-day company full of wisdom and discernment in the things of GOD. ‘Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand” (Daniel 12:10)…

His Fire Fills My Soul

 Page 10- The Time Is Now

It is time to assign a similar biblical identity to this generation.  As GOD has raised up remnants at critical moments throughout history, they have been marked with the Nazirite (consecrated) vow of holiness, wholeness, and purpose.  They have chosen to overcome the flesh for a greater call to consecration.  They have decided to be a ‘drink offering’ rather than host a bar tab.

There is a similar prophetic mantle on this generation.  I hear the voice of Jesus calling out for the voices of truth to rise.  And to get where GOD wants us to go, we must be GOD-empowered and not platform-driven.  Without purity we will only embarrass the cross.  Without authority we will never see miracles.  Without joy our message will be ignored…

Page 11-… I do believe it will happen in my lifetime, but it will require a remnant to rise up.  Maybe I am a foolish dreamer to believe this, but foolish dreamers are the inventors of the next level…

Page 13-… And yet I share all of this with great excitement.  Why?  Because I believe that if these are desperate times, then we are positioned for a great awakening.  Desperation has and always will be the birthplace of miracles.  GOD has raised small groups of what I call the nobodies- the leftovers, the counted out, and the unqualified throughout history that He chose “for such a time as this” who understand it was their moment to rise and lead… GOD is not done with our nation…

…The apostle Paul said, “So too, at the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace” (Rom. 11:15 NIV). And the reality is, Paul lived in a time very much like today.  It was a time when many had rejected the Messiah and decided to follow the philosophy of man.  Poets were spouting hedonism and humanism not just as entertainment but also as dogma and truth.  It was also a very dangerous time, where Christians were being persecuted and martyred by Rome and the Jewish religious leaders.  Anyone who claimed to be a believer in Christ faced certain torture and death.

What many do not realize is that it is still very dangerous to be a Christian.  Since AD 33 more than 70 million Christians have been martyred for their faith, and it is believed that four hundred a day die for the cause of Christ…

We are a remnant chosen by grace.  I am amazed at how those powerful words resonate with today’s Christians.  And so you have to ask yourself this question:  Am I remnant?  Through the [rest of the book] I hope you can answer yes.  [end of citations- sg]

In the remaining 10 chapters (and throughout the entire text) the author is very specific about what it’s going to take to fulfill the Great Commission in our lifetime, and be ready for the LORD’s Glorious Appearing.  PLEASE do consider this timely book that will propel us all into the agenda of the Advancing Kingdom of our LORD Jesus Christ.  The video linked is brother Pat being interviewed:

For deeper insight into how GOD the Father sees His children; to better understand the elementary principles of Christ (Hebrews 6:1-3); the ‘mysteries’ of Christ’s Kingdom; and our individual and corporate calling, commission, and empowerment- please review my first published book and the Table of Contents on the Amazon website linked here via Book Title:  “Thy Kingdom Come- Here and Now!”

Jeremiah 6:16... Claim the Blessings

Jeremiah 6:16… Claim the Blessings

“Cornerstone” – Hillsong Live (with Lyrics)

His Presence in the Midst of Darkness

His Presence in the Midst of Darkness

Can we handle a lengthy testimony of GOD’s Amazing Grace, provision, and empowerment?  Then view and listen intently to Bobby Connor and Paul Keith Davis in this outstanding ‘Voice of the Bride’ Seminar: 


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