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“The Mystery Of The Shemitah” – Book Review

The Warnings of 'Letting Fall' ARE Mounting!

The Warnings of ‘Letting Fall’ ARE Mounting!

Requote from ‘The Harbinger… The Ancient Mystery’ pg 128:  “Divine anger… being a remedial force, will not cease until its purposes are wrought out… If one expression is resisted another must be found.”

The sequel to “The Harbinger- The Ancient Mystery…” is already a New York Times Bestseller even though it came out only six weeks ago (Sept. 2, 2014).  I pre-ordered it since I was mesmerized by the import of Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s first book, having read The Harbinger four times.  Though the first book deals with the very weighty subject of Divine Judgment warnings in a novelized format, this volume (25 Chapters- 286 total pages) is far more detailed in its Biblical exegesis and careful expounding of the many implications of this profound mystery- that I firmly believe our LORD GOD expects us to fully understand!

The future of America as well as that of our wayward planet’s many nations in dire turmoil hang in the balance; in other words- we ignore these truths to our great peril!  It is clearly time for Biblical Christians to fast and pray according to 2 Chronicles 7:14 for without national repentance- nothing will stop the worst case scenarios of this mystery from playing out before us all.  Whether or not you have read The Harbinger, seriously READ THIS BOOK!  It will change the way you look at our world, current events misinterpreted in our willfully ignorant media, and what the true Body of Christ must do to prepare for the Last Days ahead!

Called to Respond With Fasting & Fervent Prayer!

Called to Respond With Fasting & Fervent Prayer!

PLEASE take this seriously for Cyclic Divine Judgments are already here since September 11, 2001 until right now! 

Our Obedience In Prayer & Repentance for Our Nation IS Demanded!

Our Obedience In Prayer & Repentance for Our Nation IS Demanded!

I will link the author interview with Sid Roth at the bottom of this post.  What follows are brief select quotes from the text.

Chapter 1, pg. 1Is it possible that there exist a three-thousand-year-old mystery that lies behind everything from the implosion of the New York Stock Exchange, the collapse of the American and world economy, the attack of 9’11, the rise of nations, the fall of nations, and events that have not yet happened but are yet to take place?

  • Is it possible that the words of an ancient text are determining and controlling the future of the financial realm, the business, realm, and the economic realm?
  • Is it possible that an ordinance given to a relatively small and obscure Middle Eastern nation is now determining the future of every nation on earth?
  • Is it possible that a spiritual principle given to a nation of shepherds and farmers lies behind the expansion and collapse of virtually every stock market in the world?
  • Is it possible that a mystery begun over three thousand years ago on a desert mountain pinpoints the exact time, down to dates and hours, of some of the most critical events of modern times?
  • And is it possible that this mystery is even now governing the future of everyone reading these words and the lives of most inhabitants of this planet?…

pg. 2… Much that will be revealed in this book has never before been revealed in written form.  Most people have never heard of the word Shemitah, much less the mystery that surrounds it.  Yet their lives have been critically impacted, altered, or determined by its manifestation…

pg. 3… The mystery will continue to unfold beyond ancient times, through centuries and ages, until reaching the modern world.  It will embrace America’s rise to world power, the collapse of Wall Street and stock markets around the world, the march of Allied soldiers across Europe and into Berlin, the postwar global order, the events of 9/11, the Great Recession, and much more. The mystery will converge with a second dynamic, the mystery of the towers, a phenomenon that begins with the construction of [the tower of] Babel and extends to the ruins of Ground Zero…

… In recent years economic and financial analysts have been at a loss for words as they watched the collapse of the world’s economies and financial realms.  And yet we will find that the secret behind these phenomena lies not with the opinions of modern pundits but in words of ancient parchments.

Calling ALL Intercessors!

Calling ALL Intercessors!

The mystery was first revealed in The Harbinger:  The Ancient Mystery That Holds the Secret of America’s Future.  I take no credit for the book or the revelations therein.  I wasn’t looking to write a book, nor was I seeking to come up with any message or revelation.  It began without being sought after and then basically wrote itself.  The Harbinger  contains fourteen major revelations or mysteries. One of these is that of the Shemitah

pg. 4The Harbinger‘s ultimate call is that of repentance, not speculation or the setting of dates.  The mysteries contained in The Harbinger all point to a coming national calamity concerning America and the world. But the calamity doesn’t have to take place when we think it must or according to schedule… But barring a national change of course, it will come.  The most important thing, no matter when it comes, is to be ready and to be right with GOD…

pg. 30- The Call of the Shemitah… What was the reason for the Shemitah in the first place? There are several answer- all of which touch the spiritual realm. The Shemitah bears witness that the land and, for that matter, the earth, belong to GOD.  It is only entrusted to man as a steward.  GOD is sovereign.  His sovereignty extends also to the realms of money, finances, economies, and possessions.  These are entrusted to man’s keeping but ultimately belong to GOD.

pg. 31…The Shemitah declares that GOD is first and above all realms of life, and must therefore be put first and above every realm.  During the Shemitah Israel was, in effect, compelled to turn away from these earthly or worldly realms and turn to the spiritual….

…The Shemitah is a reminder that GOD is the source of all blessings, spiritual and physical alike.  But when GOD is removed from the picture, the removal of blessings will ultimately follow. The Shemitah thus deals with a particular flaw of human nature- the tendency to divorce the blessings of life from the Giver of those blessings, to divorce the physical realm from the spiritual.  It then seeks to compensate for the loss of the spiritual by increasing its claims over the physical world, pursuing more and more things, increase, gain- materialism.  The increase of things, in turn, further crowds out the presence of GOD.  The Shemitah is the antidote to all these things- the clearing away of material attachments to allow the work and presence of GOD to come in….

This IS a Shemitah Year- With the Final 'Release' Date in September 2015!

This IS a Shemitah Year- With the Final ‘Release’ Date in September 2015!

pg. 49- The Shemitah as a Pattern… Doe the mystery of the Shemitah always involve judgment?  Not necessarily.  Nor is it a simplistic equation whereby every manifestation can neatly be attributed to a particular sin.  And as we have seen, the same manifestation can mean the fall of one power and the rise of another.

The Shemitah forms an underlying pattern and dynamic that, given the right circumstances, will manifest in a specific way.  Its manifestations may vary in form but will exhibit consistent characteristics, operate through a consistent dynamic, and produce consistent repercussions. Given the circumstance of a nation  or civilization, dedicated from its inception to the will of GOD but now in departure from that will [America!], in defiance of His ways and at war with His sovereignty, as it was with ancient Israel, the Shemitah will increasingly, more intensely, and more severely manifest in the direction of judgment.  [end of citations-sg]

Be Informed for the Purpose of Prayer!

Be Informed for the Purpose of Prayer!

Santos here…It is clear that since September 11, 2001 to the present (and beyond) America and our wayward planet are justifiably under Divine Cyclic Judgments!  The evidence is compelling no matter what naysayers declare: With 57 million innocent babies aborted in their mother’s wombs in America alone, with the desecration of Holy Matrimony between one man and one woman ordained by a loving GOD, and with the idolatry of greed, selfish ambition, and the pandemic of false religions- YHVH will exalt and sanctify His Holy Name and His Holy Word revealed in the Holy Bible (KJV1611) by judging us ALL in these Last Days.

What the true church must understand is that our salvation in Christ is not the issue; a genuine relationship with GOD through the finished work of Christ on the Cross of Calvary seals our redemption.  What is the issue is our corporate and individual responsibility to live out our Biblical Christianity with NO COMPROMISE!

The basis for our eternal rewards to be received at the Judgment Seat of Christ are interwoven with how we responded to the call of holiness and godly fear, in seeking to win the lost at any cost, and in the arena of fervent prayer with fasting for all the needs that are glaringly apparent before us all… including our civic responsibility to elect men and women to public service that are at the very least sympathetic to the Judeo-Christian ethic that our now depraved nation was founded upon.

The challenge will be personally costly since we do stand against the tide of the world system in the lap of satan and his fallen minions.  But we need to ask ourselves, ‘Why are we still here?’  I believe it is to fulfill the Great Commission according to Matthew 28:18-20…

Our Unending Sober Responsibility...

Our Unending Sober Responsibility…

Christians in these Last Days MUST be willing to study the Deep Things of GOD… it will be to our shame if we ignore what the LORD in His Mercy is revealing through His chosen servants, confirming His Holy Word with manifold signs following.  DO GET both volumes and study them prayerfully- for the time is short and our sober responsibility is very grave.

All Glory to YHVH Father, in the Sublime Name of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ- who will continue to empower us by His precious Holy Spirit ~AMEN & AMEN!

No Coincidence... Read the Book!

No Coincidence… Read the Book!

“Save Us Oh GOD” – Kevin Prosch 




  1. How can I post this song on facebook?

    • Simple Katie-

      Click on the ‘youtube’ icon in the lower right corner of my embedded video (it will say ‘Watch on youtube’). Then when it begins playing on youtube, click on the URL in the search field, make sure the entire URL turns blue (you may need to click up to three times in the field). Then on your computer, copy the highlighted text (control- c on PC or command c on Apple device). Open a Facebook page with the cursor in the entry slot- hit control or command ‘V’ which inserts the URL into the Facebook field. Comment and post… and it will play right there.

      Be blessed daughter of GOD- in HIM ~Santos

  2. You do realize the Harbinger is fiction ?

    • Yes, of course; I have read the book four times. It takes a significant Biblical truth and develops it in the context of a novel. The underlying Prophetic Scriptures are unveiled, and the two linked video interviews at the bottom of my book review of “The Harbinger” give contemporary fulfillment in America of the curses that we as a wayward nation have brought upon ourselves. Please see my post here:

      On the other hand, “The Mystery of The Shemitah” is NOT fictionalized. As the complete review shows it presents the compelling case that as America has ignored the clear ‘Harbingers’ of multiple calamities that have struck our nation since “9/11”, another round of Divine Judgments are imminent… unless we experience national repentance.

      Kingdom Blessings to you and all your loved ones, in Christ… ~Santos

  3. We were given a choice and the people of this country and many others have chosen poorly. We chose the wrong path, the path of death. If it is written that America perishes, can we change that? I do not believe so given the nature and intent of the majority in America. In the past 6 yrs they have voted twice to put a person in the highest office in this country that is unfit to be a leader of America. Despite what has happened, I believe they are so blind they would make the same mistake again, we are Lost.
    Deut 30:15See, I have set before you this day life and good, and death and evil; in that I command you this day to love the LORD your God, to walk in his ways, and to keep his commandments and his statutes and his judgments, that you may live and multiply: and the LORD your God shall bless you in the land where you go to possess it. But if your heart turn away, so that you will not hear, but shall be drawn away, and worship other gods, and serve them; I denounce to you this day, that you shall surely perish

    • Truly stated… And yet I strongly believe that the ‘Synergy of the Ages’ is upon us! That is what Dutch Sheets calls the anointed and indestructible prayers of the saints over the past 523 years, since the Pilgrims planted the Cross at Cape Henry as soon as they landed. America STILL has a Destiny in YHVH GOD that will manifest in a profoundly Great Awakening, before the inevitable Judgment upon our nation- which I believe will occur some years from now… at the true Rapture of the Church of the LORD Jesus Christ. Prayerfully consider this 4-Part “Last Days Series”, beginning with:

      Kingdom Blessings to you and your loved ones, in Jesus’ NAME and for His Glory, AMEN!

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