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“America- Destiny Gates Are Opening”

2 Chronicles 7:14 IS Our National Mandate!

2 Chronicles 7:14 IS Our National Mandate!

“United States, You are Pregnant with a Glory Story and Destiny Gates are Opening!”

Lana Vawser, Sydney, Australia

Just recently I have been feeling a longing on the heart of God for His people to not give up on the United States of America. I saw this nation before me, and as I looked into the heart of it, I saw there was a fetus and a long umbilical cord.

I feel a longing in the heart of God for His people to see that even amongst the darkness and the way the United States has moved away from Him and His Word, He has heard the prayers of His people.

There has been impregnation with a divine seed of Heaven into the USA to bring about a great birthing in this nation. A birthing of His glory to be revealed.

“Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will BE Done…”

Why You Must See Beyond “Doom” and “Bad News” Into the Higher Realm of Decree and Insight

This “pregnancy” has not come to “full-term,” and the Lord is asking His people to continue to align themselves with Him and ask Him for His vision for this nation. As the people of God pray, eyes will begin to be opened to see BEYOND the “bad news of the natural” and to move in a higher realm of decree and insight. The Lord is inviting His people to not “see the bad news in the natural” and STOP THERE, but to see past it and to not give up on crying out to the God of love, restoration, and recompense.

I feel a warning from the Lord that many could “abort” the pregnancy and coming birthing through words of “doom” and “curses over the land of the USA,” committing the United States to a destiny of despair and hopelessness. I believe He is asking His people to press in with prayer, repentance, and standing in the gap to see a turning, revelation, and manifestation of what He desires to release.

There is such a longing in my spirit to encourage the people of God to NOT give up now. Do not give up praying for the USA. Do NOT commit her to failure, but continue to see the GOLD in the nation, for there IS GOLD in the nation. I believe the Lord is wanting His people to focus on the LIFE that He wants to bring to the nation, and the NEW that He wants to birth in this nation.

Do not cut the umbilical cord of what God is wanting to do in the USA through word curses or giving up. As the people of God speak LIFE into the nation of America, as the people of God seek out His heart for the nation and call forth the GOLD in the nation, I saw this fetus growing and growing.

America STILL Has A Destiny IN YHVH GOD!

America STILL Has A Destiny IN YHVH GOD!

Search for Dutch Sheets' Complete Message- And Be Blessed!

Search for Dutch Sheets’ Complete Message- And Be Blessed!

I heard many saying, “The United States of America deserves judgement,” but so did we…BUT GOD! There are definitely spiritual laws and there are repercussions that happen in a nation when they are not seeking their Creator and His principles and following His Word, and there can be a “falling apart” when things are not held together in Him (see Colossians 1:17), but the Lord, I believe, is not asking people to arise and prophesy judgement and doom, but to arise and prophesy LIFE INTO THE DRY BONES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Do you believe the United States of America can come to life again?!?!?

All Brought To The Cross Of Christ

All Brought To The Cross Of Christ

Seven Mountains of Culture

I looked closer at the umbilical cord that was coming from this fetus in the middle of the nation, and I saw in the umbilical cord there were SEVEN strands. Suddenly I heard the words “Seven mountains of culture” (media, education, arts, religion, business, government, family). “I want to release My people into these seven mountains to bring LIFE to these mountains and see My nation TURNED AROUND, but My people must be in position.” (Photo via Pixabay)

Doors of INCREDIBLE FAVOUR are going to open up to the people of God in greater INCREASE in this season of pregnancy and then birthing in the United States of America, to move into the seven mountains of culture and begin to bring the word of the Lord and extend His Kingdom and release His love and goodness.

“I am calling My people to come before Me and to ask Me what part they have to play in the seven mountains of culture. For I am releasing My people that are positioned in great acceleration into these mountains in the United States to bring about a demonstration of MY GLORY STORY! My STORY of reconciliation, of repentance, of restitution, of restoration, of rebuilding, of healing.

“I am releasing specific Kingdom keys right now into the hearts of My people with specific insight into how I will use them in this nation to bring about great change. It is NOT over. The story has not reached the end. I want to do something new, something glorious, but My people must enquire of Me and not abort that which I want to release. My people must continue to cry out.”

I then heard Isaiah 43:19… “Behold, I will do something new, now it will spring forth; will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, rivers in the desert.”

The Lord wants to make a way where there is no way in the United States of America. No matter what you see with your natural eyes, continue to proclaim and decree LIFE and the VICTORY of God in the nation. For the Lord is doing something new in and through His people in the United States. Even when it looks like the enemy is prevailing, he will not win.

Only Few Things Are Worth Dying For:  Our LORD Jesus Christ; Our Family; Our Nation If Called To Defend Her!

Only Few Things Are Worth Dying For: Our LORD Jesus Christ; Our Family; Our Nation If Called To Defend Her!

In the Storm, Remember the Glory Story

I saw a storm coming to the United States, and this storm will bring about a great shaking in many ways. When this storm comes, DO NOT FORGET the Glory STORY – the story the Lord wants to release into the nation of His glory. Do not be deterred by the storm or intimidated by the wind and the waves, but stand firm. 

Even in the storm, REMEMBER the Glory Story. For when the storm comes, the people of God that will SEE through the eyes of God will see GOLD in the midst of the storm. Restoration, rebuilding, recompense, reversal! As they call forth the gold and speak, intercede, and decree OPPOSITE to what they see, LIFE will begin to come forth in the storm. There will be PEACE in the eye of the storm.

Enquire of the Lord of the storm that is coming; ask Him how to prepare and what His heart is for you in this storm, i.e. what does He want you to do? For the greatest moment for the Church to shine will be in the MIDST of this storm.

The storm will be but a platform for the GLORY STORY of the Lord to be released through His people.

The Lord has not given up on the United States of America; she is impregnated with something new. Let us continue to join together in prayer, repentance, and decree for this nation to see this “pregnancy” come to FRUITION and not be aborted. There is something NEW God wants to do in the United States of America, and He wants to show His people; and as we press in, we will begin to perceive it before it comes. A greater awakening and move of God will be ushered in by the prayers and decrees of His people even AMIDST a storm.

Press into the cocoon of intimacy with Him for the United States of America. You may just be surprised by the treasures and jewels of revelation and numerous Kingdom keys that await you, to see doors of destiny open up for you in your role in seeing the USA come into her rightful place.

The invitation is before the people of God. What will your response be?

Two Nations Ordained Of The LORD...

Two Nations Ordained Of The LORD…

Destiny Gates are Opening in the United States!

During the night, I was woken up for a second and I heard the words, LOUDLY, “The DESTINY GATES of the USA are OPENING!”

As I have asked the Lord about this, I have felt the Lord place a few things on my heart that I want to share with you for your encouragement.

Destiny Gates are Opening-I saw these HUGE gates that were WITHIN and on the BORDER of the United States of America.

These gates were labeled “Destiny” and immediately I knew that these gates represented the “unlocking of destiny” for people of the United States of America; but also the gates on the borders were opening for people of God CALLED to the United States to minister and help build the Kingdom of God. For those feeling called to the United States with a mission from God to see His glory released and are in the corridors of waiting, I heard the Lord say, “The United States welcomes you.” (Photo via Pixabay)

There would be SUDDENLIES and invitations of great favour being extended in increasing measure to the people of God in the United States and other nations pressing in to walk in the next level of their destiny.

There is a national birthing happening across the United States in the people of God where the Lord is equipping, teaching, shaping, sharpening, and moulding His people to take their place – to take their destined place in this nation for such a time as this.

Financial provision that has hindered many of the people of God moving forward in their destiny in and called to the United States are about to move into some of the greatest release of financial provision of their lives to see the “vision” the Lord has given them put into action and RELEASED into the nation.

There has been great opposition against many in the USA and those called to the USA moving into their destiny in this nation, because the enemy KNOWS what the Lord is going to release THROUGH YOU into this land. As these “destiny gates” open and ACCESS IS GRANTED, you will move with Him with great grace and ease as He opens one door after another.

The Lord is positioning His people within the USA and those called to the USA in their destinies, which are now going to manifest at a greater level and suddenly, because the Lord’s heart is to bring healing to the land. Through the shaking, through the storm, through the reaping of what has been sowed into the USA, the Lord wants to use it ALL to bring HEALING to the land. The Lord is raising you up for such a time as this to bring healing to a nation that HE LOVES. A nation that He desires to take her place.


God is Putting His People into Place; Get Ready!

As the people of God in this nation and those called to it begin to move forward with greater authority, increase, favour, and boldness, I saw a healing wave moving THROUGH THE STORM across the land bringing healing and revival. Many are waiting for the storm to be OVER so awakening and healing and revival can come to the land, but the healing, revival, awakening, and sharpening is going to occur IN the storm.

The Lord is putting His people that are pressing in into place now in the United States of America, like pieces on a heavenly chessboard, to bring comfort, to bring strengthening, to usher in His glory and presence into the United States, even when there is a storm RAGING in the nation, threatening its demise. (Photo via Pixabay)

The Lord has heard the prayers of His people crying out for mercy, crying out in repentance on behalf of their land, crying out for restoration and healing. Keep praying, people of God, for YOUR DESTINY in this nation is going to help restore, heal, and lead this nation to her destiny, as you continue to press in, pray, and obey.

You are not defeated, you have His power within you to bring CHANGE to this nation. Get ready to be released into new arenas of destiny that are going to see the Holy Spirit work DEEPLY in the cavities and foundations of this nation as YOU take your place.

When the great favour, increase, multiplication, and heavenly unimaginable doors of opportunity open, REMEMBER they are opening because the Lord has something SPECIAL to release through YOU in this nation. The Lord LOVES the United States of America.

The destiny gates are opening in the United States of America THROUGH His people that are within it pressing in and those called to it. The destiny gate opening over your life will help shift this nation to her destiny as we all press in and follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

You are coming into your God-ordained place of destiny for such a time as this. Your nation needs you! The gates of destiny are swinging open wide!

Let’s cry out to Him and stand in the gap for this beautiful nation that there may be such a miraculous turning as His people move into their destiny…that the King of Glory may COME IN!

Fulfilled in Christ; Fulfilling In US By His Holy Spirit

Fulfilled in Christ; Fulfilling In US By His Holy Spirit


Psalm 24:9… Open up, ancient gates! Open up, ancient doors, and let the King of glory enter. 

Lana Vawser

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Lana Vawser is married to Kevin, and they are living in Brisbane, Australia with their two sons. Lana and Kevin’s heart is to see the Body of Christ develop deep intimacy with Jesus and actively hear His voice each day. They have a heart to see people free and walking in all that Jesus has purchased for them as they carry Christ into their world each day. Lana is an active member of the Australian Prophetic Council and releases prophetic words for the Body of Christ and over the nations through both the pulpit and the internet. Lana preaches regularly and ministers prophetically calling people into a constant pursuit of His heart and hearing His voice for themselves and others.


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"A Pillar of Cloud by Day; A Pillar of Fire by Night."

“A Pillar of Cloud by Day; A Pillar of Fire by Night.”

“At the command of the LORD the sons of Israel would set out.even when the cloud lingered over the tabernacle for many days, the sons of Israel would keep the LORD’s charge and not set out.”

(Numbers 9:19. From this week’s Torah Portion; see below. Photograph of pillar-like cloud taken by the authors in the Judean Desert east of Jerusalem.)

JUDGMENT, AN ABSOLUTE STANDARD, AND HEAVENLY ENLIGHTENMENT FOR INSIGHT IN THE LATTER DAYS (Further thoughts by Martin on the Ten Commandments exhibition in Jerusalem).

The Hebrew word Tzi-ohn (“Zion”) bears the same root as another word tzi-uhn, which is spelled the same way, and which means: “a marking, a signal, a pointing-out” (In Jeremiah 31:21 it is translated “signposts”).  The Book of Revelation repeatedly admonishes those “with an ear to hear” to “hear what the Spirit is saying to the congregations.”  We believe it of importance that we request of the Lord that He make us aware when some happening in Jerusalem (even seemingly of little outward significance) is in fact an occurrence through which His Spirit is seeking to ‘point something out’ to the Body across the World. 

As we write, the Israel Museum has, for the first time in Jerusalem, placed on exhibit for public viewing the oldest known complete copy of the Ten Commandments in the world.  This ancient manuscript, thought to be around 2000 years old, was discovered decades ago near the Dead Sea.  Since that discovery, it has, due to its fragility, been kept almost continuously in complete darkness.  For this exhibition, it will be allowed to see the light of day for only a few weeks, after which it will be replaced in the case by an exact facsimile.  During this season in which internationally accepted standards for deciding what is right or wrong, moral or immoral, have begun crumbling at an accelerated rate not imagined for a thousand years-we find it arresting that this ancient document, the very document upon which those standards for the most part have been based, should, during this season of Shavuot (when it was first released to humankind), be brought to light in Jerusalem.


We are a fallen people, dwelling in a world where sin exists, both within ourselves and throughout our societies.  We are therefore constantly faced with personal issues about which we must make decisions; right or wrong, we must judgemake judgments.  Within society-situations continually arise in which there are disputes-Who is right?  Who is wrong? Who is “in the right”-Who is righteous?

Righteousness exalts a nation (Proverbs 14:34).  So, to be that, it is necessary that there be set up in a society righteous judges whose judgments keep it on a righteous path.  Israel was faced with this truth soon after coming out of Egypt.  There were disagreements everywhere!  And Moses at first felt himself personally obligated to be arbitrator, to judge between these disputes.  The Lord sent Jethro his father-in-law to counsel him (Exodus 18:21-22; Deuteronomy 1:16); he must choose men and women of valor, who feared God.  They would judge the people at all times.  They would not show partiality in judgment, they would hear the small as well as the great.  Yet to judge righteously, there must be an absolute standard of righteousness against which all issues of judgment might be measured. 

And so, on that first Shavuot, that Standard was released and came down to us on Mount Sinai!  The LORD Himself descended in fire upon the Mountain (Exodus 19:18,20).  And the Ten Commandments (20:1-17)-God’s “plumb line” for righteous judgment-were released to His people and to the world.  In Hebrew they are called Aseret-ha’Devarim-“The Ten Words”.  All the people “heard His words from the midst of the fire” (Deuteronomy 4:36).  Later they would be written by God in stone and given to Israel to be carried with them through the wilderness, into the Promised Land, and placed at last in the Temple in Jerusalem.  As recorded in Exodus 21 and following, God then released to Moses guidelines for the judges to assist them in applying this Standard to specific individual situations and circumstances, which were bound to arise in the everyday life of the community at that time.


Appointed judges–An absolute Standard by which they could make judgments–Guidelines for application of that standard to individual situations.  Yet at times good guidelines and good intentions by good people were not enough-something else, a deeper “insight” was needed.

Judges had been set up to oversee the administration of righteous judgments amongst the people within the society.  For administering God’s judgments between heaven and earth, He chose the tribe of Levi-and from within that tribe, the cohanim-the priests.  It was the High Priest who stood before YHVH on behalf of the people-“bearing the names of the sons of Israel on the breastplate of judgment over his heart” (Exodus 28:29).  This breastplate (along with all the High Priest’s garments) was holy and incredibly beautiful, fashioned with all the God-given, artistic, creative skill which Betzalel and those working under him could render.  Yet this was not enough-it served as a dwelling-place for something else.  Within that breastplate were placed two items which we have no record of having been fashioned by the creativity of man-the Urim  and Thumim (Exodus 28:30).  As pointed out when we came upon them in the Torah Portion, great mystery surrounds the nature of these holy articles.  We have no idea what they looked like, or how they were made use of.  But they were to stay over the heart of Aaron when he went in before the LORD.and certain judgments would be delayed until they could be consulted (Numbers 27:21; Ezra 2:63; Nehemiah 7:65).  Urim appears to be a supreme superlative of the word Or-“light”, as it were, “Light of Lights”.  Tumim is a superlative of Tome-“Perfection”.  In the Bible tome is often (as in Psalm 25:21) translated “integrity.”  For God’s priests, there would be times when application of God’s holy Standard would call for insights which only divine illumination and integrity could provide. 

Lastly-it cannot have been a mere coincidence that the word Urim begins with the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet-Aleph.  And Thumim begins with the last-Tav.  In the Hebrew translation of Revelation 22:13 Yeshua declares, “I am the Aleph and the Tav (Greek: Alpha and Omega), the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last!”  Ultimate righteous judgment must be made through the presence of the Righteous One, the Word who spans all words, the Righteous Judge (II Timothy 4:8).  In some way, through the Urim and the Thumim, His illuminating, perfect presence was shining in the Breastplate of Righteousness over the heart of His High Priest.


But it was God’s desire to have a “Kingdom of Priests!”  (Exodus 19:6; Revelation 1:6).  A kingdom made up both of Jew and Gentile, moving in the light of His judgments and righteousness.  So, 1500 years later, this Light of Lights, Perfection of Perfections-this Alpha and Omega, this Aleph and Tav took on flesh and dwelt among us as a son of Adam.   He lived;  He died; He defeated death and was raised, presenting himself to the Father as the “Firstfruits from the Dead” (and we in Him!).  Then He moved amongst His followers until the 40th day of the “Counting of the Omer” when He ascended to His Father’s right hand. 

And on the 50th day-Shavuot, Pentecost-even as, on that first Shavuot YHVH had Himself descended in fire onto the mountain-the Holy Spirit came down in fire on Mount Zion to ordain and equip His new Kingdom of Priests.  With power to fulfill the demands of the Law.  With access to divine illumination and integrity for judging rightly and wisely with heavenly insight.

Such “insight” will be critical for clear judgment in days ahead.  Daniel, speaking of the coming of Antiochus Epiphenes but also of a great evil which will arise in the “time of the end” (Daniel 11:32-35), prophesies that “the people who know their god shall be strong and DO (i.e. “what needs to be done!”).  And those of the people with insight (able to reason and judge clearly) shall instruct many.some of those with insight shall fall to refine them, and make them white, until the time of the End.”  Daniel 8:25 warns that the Anti-Christ will also have (demonic) insight, that “through his cunning (same word) he shall cause deception to prosper.”

But Daniel promises that in the times of greatest distress towards the end, those with “heavenly” insight “shall shine, like the brightness of the firmament, and those who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever (12:3).none of the wicked shall understand, but those with (heavenly) insight shall understand” (12:10).

“If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.Do not be deceived, my beloved brothers.  Every good gift and every Perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of Lights-with whom is no variation or shadow due to change”  (James 1:5, 16).

“If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him” (Luke 11:13).

“For it is time for judgment to begin with the household of God”

(I Peter 4:17)

His Promises ARE Faithful And True!

His Promises ARE Faithful And True!

For deeper insight into how GOD the Father sees His children; to better understand the elementary principles of Christ (Hebrews 6:1-3); as well as the ‘mysteries’ of Christ’s Kingdom; and our individual and corporate calling, commission, and empowerment- please review my first published book’s Table of Contents on the Amazon website linked via Book Title:  “Thy Kingdom Come- Here and Now!”

“Yours Forever”- Kari Jobe and Darlene Zschech (w/Lyrics)



  1. The pendulum usually swings, but this corrupt administration has stopped it in its tracks. There has been very little, if any, resistance and the door to what America was and was intended to be is closing.

  2. I believe that there will be more judgment on the United States before there will be an awakening. There are way too many worldly, lukewarm Christians in the United States.

    “The Lord Will Judge the Lukewarm Church in America”

    • Yes Tim- I also think that there will be a series of events that will compel the ‘church’ to make the hard decision of obeying the LORD rather than the Laodicean false gospel. What many have conjectured is simultaneous and parallel outpourings: for the truly faithful- Grace and blessings in the midst of storms; for the disobedient- cyclic Divine Judgments. True believers will struggle to overcome, but we are called to be ‘witnesses’ (‘martyrs’ in the original Greek).

      Please prayerfully consider this 4-Part ‘Last Days’ series, beginning with:

      Kingdom Blessings to you and your loved ones, in Christ… ~Santos

  3. “PRAY WITHOUT CEASING” ( 1 Thessalonians 5:17 KJV )!!

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