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The Zodiac Gospel Part IV: “The LORD’s Return”

Boy on Stairway to Heaven

In review, in the last post we looked at the 2nd Volume of the revelations of the stars and constellations, which dealt with the story of the redeemed- the rewards of the Redeemer’s suffering.

In Capricorn we see the Goat of Atonement sacrificed in our behalf; in death bringing forth life.  The arrow of GOD’s wrath pierces Aquila, the Eagle who falls to Earth, dies as the Goat of the Sin Offering, and is reborn to Eternal Life as Delphinus, the Dolphin springing up out of the Sea [of humanity].  In this sign we see the promised payment of sin, and the promised gift of Eternal Life- to those who are connected to the Atonement. That can only happen through willing surrender to YHVH GOD, in repentance, confession, and calling upon the Name of the LORD to receive the full benefits of Christ’s Atonement on Calvary’s Cross.  The unfathomable blessings of genuine relationship with the Triune GOD include forgiveness of sin, the gift and Presence of the Holy Spirit indwelling, and the full potential to walk daily in the fruit of the Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit as He sees fit, and the whole Armour of GOD.

In Aquarius– our blessings are insured by Grace.  The Living Waters are poured forth for the Redeemed by the Divine Water Bearer, the fish drinking in the abundant flow representing all who are saved by the Blood of the Lamb.  Pegasus and Cygnus are representative of the swift and imminent return of the LORD.

Universe 6

The Perfect Placement of the Moon in her distance from Earth- GOD’s Hand!

In Pisces– we see the Redeemed in conflict, although blessed with the knowledge of the LORD, and with the gift of Eternal Life, we are held in this ‘mortal coil’ to endure the suffering common to ALL mankind because of the Fall.  We are freed from the penalty of Sin, but are still subject to the weakness of the flesh, and the persecution of the Enemy carried out by those who are still lost without Christ, the fallen ones’ minions in humanity.

The Band holds the two fish of redeemed mankind; Andromeda is the Chained Woman who is to be Queen, patiently waiting for her Betrothed– the King of Glory who is represented here by the constellation Cepheus.  Although afflicted in much agony, there is the assurance of the Redeemer coming to rule and reign with her.

In the House of Aries we see the blessings of the Redeemed enjoyed.  The Lamb that was slain, is now prepared for Victory.  The Queen Cassiopeia is the Captive delivered who now prepared herself for her Husband, The Redeemer- our LORD Jesus Christ.  Cetus the Sea Monster is bound, and Perseus is a type of Warrior Christ who takes the head off the Evil One, and subdues the Wicked Dragon.

Sacred Warriors

1 AAA Outpouring

The third and final Volume of this Stellar Prophecy concerns the Redeemer’s Second Coming.  In the four chapters we see:

  1. Taurus- ‘The Messiah as the Coming Judge of all the Earth’
  2. Gemini- ‘The Messiah’s Reign as the Prince of Peace’
  3. Cancer- ‘The Messiah’s Redeemed Possession’
  4. Leo– ‘The Messiah’s Complete Triumph’

Volume I presented the LORD as the Suffering Saviour delivering His people from the Penalty of Sin; Volume II revealed Him as the Glorified Redeemer delivering His people from the Power of Sin; and now in Volume III we will see Him as the Reigning Redeemer delivering His people from the Presence of Sin.

Zodiac 9- Taurus

Chapter 1- Taurus (The Great Judge Coming In Power and Glory)

This set of constellations is introduced by a charging Bull with His head lowered rushing forward with fierce Wrath to pierce through His enemies.  In Chaldee the name is Tor; Arabic is Al Taur; Greek Tauros; Latin Taurus– all of which mean the Bull.  The Hebrew name is Shur which means ‘Coming and Ruling’.

This constellation has many features of astronomical interest including the 7-star cluster of the Pleiades, and the Super Nova Crab Nebula.  It is easy to find because the bright reddish star in the eye of Taurus lines up with and to the right of the 3 stars in the Belt of Orion. 

The Bull depicted in this House is a now extinct much larger and more ferocious relative of those which exist today, and is called ‘Rimu‘ in the Hebrew Scriptures of the Old Testament.

Job 39:9-10… ‘Will the Rimu be willing to serve thee…’

In Numbers 23:22 the compromised Prophet Balaam used it to describe YHVH’s Power on behalf of Israel.  Also when Moses blessed the individual tribes of the children of Israel before he died, he said of Joseph [via his two sons- Ephraim and Manasseh]:

Deuteronomy 33:17… ‘His horns are the horns of the Rimu; with them He will push His people.’

Taurus is the sign of ‘the Day of Vengeance of our GOD (Isaiah 61:2); the ‘Day of Wrath‘.

Jesus- Light of the World- John 8-12

The brightest star in Taurus- the Bull’s Red Eye has the Chaldee name Aldeberan means ‘the Governor, Captain, or Leader‘.  The Pleiades has the meaning ‘Congregation of the Judge‘.  The star in the middle is called Alcyone meaning ‘the Center‘, giving the idea to some astronomers that it is the center of the whole Universe.

The star in the tip of the left horn is Elnath (like in Aries) meaning ‘the Wounded‘, and seems to more properly belong to Auriga.  The early civilizations of mankind connected Taurus  with the Flood in Noah’s day, and the Pleiades with Noah’s Ark and the souls saved in it.  Enoch most likely had a part in the transmission of the Zodiac message and was quoted by Jude in the same judgment theme (see Jude vv14 & 15).  See also Isaiah 13:6-13.

Orion- The Coming Prince represents the Triumph and Brightness of His Coming, and means ‘Coming Forth as Light‘.  This is a Mighty Hunter with a club held high in His right hand, while in His left hand He holds the skin of a lion that he has killed.

The Akkadian name for Him is Urana which means ‘The Light of Heaven‘ Who is none other than the Prince of Glory, the LORD Jesus Christ Himself.  The brightest star Betelgeuse means ‘the Coming of the Branch‘.  The star Rigel in His foot means ‘the Foot that Crushes‘ as in Genesis 3:15.  Bellatrix in His other shoulder means ‘Swiftly Destroying‘.  Saiph in His leg means ‘Bruised‘ and is the same word used in Gen. 3:15 where the Seed of the woman in crushing the adversary, experiences bruising.  Alnitak, the star in His belt means ‘The Wounded One‘; while Mintaka means ‘Dividing as a Sacrifice (Isaiah 60:1-3).

Eridanus- ‘The Wrath of GOD Poured Out on His Enemies’

(Daniel 7:9-10; Isaiah 30:27& 33; Nahum 1:6+ [His Wrath is poured out like Fire]) 

This constellation which is a River of Fire is issuing forth from the foot of Orion.  It is an immense constellation which is seen best in the Southern Hemisphere. Achernar means ‘The Aftermath of the River‘; Cursa means ‘Bent Down‘ (Isaiah 66:15 &16).

Auriga- (The Shepherd) represents the Protection of the Redeemed in the Day of Wrath. [See my Four-Part ‘Last Days Series’ beginning with: “The Day Of Christ… The Day Of The LORD”]

Taurus shows the Power of His Coming; Orion shows the Splendor of His Coming; Eridanus shows the Fiery Judgment of His Coming; but without Auriga there would be no hope, even for the Redeemed!

1 Jesus Loves Mankind

The Shepherd holds a mother goat in His left hand, which has just given birth to two kids in His lap.  The brilliant star Capella in the heart of the goat means ‘She Goat‘.  Menkalinan means ‘the Chain of the Goats‘ (Isaiah 40:10 &11).

Zodiac 10- Gemini

Chapter 2- GEMINI represents ‘His Rule On The Earth’

The Twins are called Castor and Pollux – Castor means ‘Ruling Judge‘ and is seen as a King holding a Palm Branch, while Pollux means ‘the Laboring Sufferer‘ and is represented as a Warrior holding a drawn Sword (see Acts 28:11).

The Hebrew name Thaumin means ‘United‘, this therefore well represents our Saviour and LORD (Acts 5:31).  Alhena (in the foot of Pollux) means ‘Hurt or Afflicted‘, while the star Mebsuta in the leg of Castor means ‘Treading Underfoot‘.

LEPUS- (The Enemy Trodden Underfoot) means ‘the Hare or Rabbit‘ which is a Latin perversion of the older picture which shows a snake.  The star Arneb means ‘the Enemy of Him Who Comes‘; Nihal or Nibal Sugia (not listed) means ‘the Deceiver‘.

CANIS MAJOR (the Great Dog) has lost its meaning in the course of history- its true meaning is ‘the Coming Prince of Glory‘.  Sirius- the brightest star in the whole sky is also one of the closest to Earth, and means ‘The Prince‘.  Mirzam means ‘Ruler’; Adara means ‘The Glorious‘; while Wizea means ‘The Brightly Shining‘.

In the ancient Akkadian this constellation is known as Kasista which means ‘The Prince of the Heavenly Host‘ (Rev. 19:16 ‘King of kings and LORD of lords’).  Muliphen means ‘Leader‘.  The Egyptian name is Sebak meaning ‘Conquering‘.  Procyon means ‘Redeemer‘, and Gomeisa is ‘The Burden Bearer… Bearing for others‘ (Isaiah 49:24-26).

Zodiac 11- Cancer A

Zodiac 12- Cancer B

Chapter 3- CANCER (His Redeemed Possession Held Secure)

… is NOT a crab, which is a Greek perversion, but is instead a wayfarer’s inn.  The star cluster Praesepe means ‘The Manger‘.  The root word of Cancer means ‘To Hold or Encircle‘ from Khan which is Arabic for ‘Traveler’s Rest‘, and Cer meaning ‘Encircling‘.  Tegmine means ‘The Hold‘.

URSA MINOR- represents ‘The Stronghold of the Saved‘.  Polaris is the North or Pole Star and is the most important star of all for navigators.  Kochab means ‘Waiting for The Coming‘.

URSA MAJOR- represents ‘The Assembled Flock’. Dubhe means ‘A Herd or Flock’.  Merak is ‘The Purchased’ in Arabic.  Had means ‘Guarded or Numbered’.  Megrez means ‘Separated’; Alkaid means ‘The Assembled’ (Ezekiel 34:11-16).

ARGO- representing ‘Travelers Safely Home‘, and means ‘A Company of Travelers‘. Canopus means ‘The Possession of Him Who Comes‘.  Tureis is ‘Possession In Hand‘, while Suhail means ‘The Desired‘ (Isaiah 60:4-5, 9).

Zodiac 13- Leo

Chapter 4- Leo:  “His Enemies Destroyed in HIS Complete Triumph (Rev. 5:5)

The last scene of the Redeemer’s Story, ending in His victorious return, is always pictured in ALL Zodiacs of ALL ancient cultures as a Conquering Lion killing and rending his prey.

The Hebrew Name Arieh means ‘Lion hunting down His prey‘.  Regulus is the star which means ‘Treading Underfoot‘, and is also called Cor Leonis or ‘Heart of the Lion‘.  Denebola is ‘The Judge Who Comes‘.  Algeibha means ‘The Exaltation‘.  Zozma is ‘The Shining Forth‘.  Minchar Alasad means ‘The Tearing of The Lion‘.  In the ending of the first book of the Bible, blessings are decreed by the Patriarch over each of the 12 sons who represent the future 12 Tribes of Israel.  Genesis 49:8 &9 is the Prophetic Blessing of Israel/Jacob on the Tribe of Judah which is compared to the lion. The LORD Jesus Christ IS  The Lion of The Tribe of Judah!

HYDRA represents ‘The Old Serpent Destroyed‘ and literally means ‘the Abhorred or Detested‘.  Alphard means ‘the Excluded or Put Out of the Way‘ (Rev. 20:10… the evil one’s final destination).

CRATER represents The Wrath of GOD Poured Out on the Serpent (Rev. 14:10… ‘The Cup of GOD’s Indignation; Rev. 16:19; Psalm 75:7-8; Psalm 11:6).

CORVUS represents ‘The Devouring of the Old Serpent (Rev. 19:17-18).  Alchibar means ‘Accursed‘.  Minchar Algoreb means ‘The Raven Tearing to Pieces‘ (Jeremiah 25:30-33; Rev. 5:12).

Therefore we can clearly see that our human history has a common origin- going back to the Ark of Noah and the Great Flood, and even further back to the Garden of Eden.  The sealed Canon of Holy Scripture from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 is incontrovertibly the revealed Word and Will of YHVH GOD.  The LORD Jesus Christ’s finished work of Redemption on the Cross of Calvary is still bearing increasing and expanding fruit in ALL Realms of Society in the current Great Awakening.  Between today, proceeding throughout the Tribulation Period- and just prior to the Holy Wrath of GOD being poured out on the unrepentant and on the fallen ancient ones, minions of satan- the Greatest Harvest of Souls in the history of the Multiverse of GOD’s Creation will unfold… then The Rapture of the Church! PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!!!

The LORD Jesus Christ is working through His chosen leaders to destroy the works of darkness.  His sons and daughters now have the golden opportunity to realize the Destiny of nations!  Stay in Prayer and the Word; FAST, PRAY, AND ACT… under the leading of Holy Spirit.

Pray also for President Trump, his entire family, his administration, our wayward nation, and the compromised lukewarm church… that His Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, AMEN. 


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