Posted by: Santos Garcia | Thursday, September 16, 2021

IT IS “Time To Free America”!

The Epic Spiritual Battle of the Ages is upon us!

RED ALERT! I am taking the unprecedented measure of updating this comprehensive study with a most important 4 page letter to the American people by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò; IT IS CRITICAL READING AT THIS TIME– dated December 18, 2021. Before spending the needed time going through ALL the data that I present in the full blogpost, I want you all to listen with your hearts to a man who eloquently and with a remarkable anointing states the truth about the spiritual warfare that is raging around us; this article has both the audio AND the PDF that should be downloaded, printed, and shared widely:

We find ourselves after over 24 months dealing with a health crisis that now shows all the signs of being a planned depopulation agenda. I have spent a great deal of time and effort gathering many articles, videos, and websites that are revealing the truth about what is really happening in our nation and the world community. Unfortunately a good number have been removed by the Tech Giant corrupt platforms. Great fear has gripped the hearts of humankind and many have died needlessly when what I will reveal to all in this essay becomes apparent. I have desperately prayed for the LORD to bring clarity to my heart and mind as to how present this very troubling information in a verifiable and incontrovertible manner. My prayers have recently been answered as you will see in the following exposé.

Fauci Lied… Millions Died!

NOTE: After reading through this comprehensive essay with incontrovertible evidence, be sure to review my Update of 10/24/2021 almost at the bottom of the post. It deals with the very powerful and highly well documented truth about another remedy that has been hidden from the public, with collusion among all the bad actors described below. It is so compelling that I listed the author/videographer link at the very top of my Blogroll on the right panel as it is rightly named, “The Universal Antidote”. You will be justifiably amazed, encouraged, and hopeful about such a dramatic and dynamic cure that has been maligned by those who seek to control mankind!

Please watch this 8 minute U.S. Congress hearing where Jim Jordan PROVES that Dr. Fauci knew that the virus was engineered in the Wuhan Virology Laboratory back in January of 2020, though the virus came into existence months before. The head of the NIH then completely deceived the entire world press and the public asserting that it was conclusive that the virus was a ‘naturally occurring phenomenon’ that had nothing to do with ‘Gain of Function’ research that was illegally done for years at the Wuhan Lab and funded with American Taxpayer dollars!

2 Timothy 1:7… “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

I will continue with a video that covers the primary premise of the deception and corruption that has been foisted on mankind and will followup with the most pertinent and up-to-date sources of comprehensive information that I have been fortunate to pull together. Please watch this entire 57 minute video and listen carefully to the testimony of these three men. There truly is an Awakening that is happening in the secular realm of our temporal reality, whether a person is an atheist, agnostic, or a person of faith.

The three men interviewed are Clay Clark– a highly successful entrepreneur with multiple lucrative businesses; Dr. Jim Meehan– a physician who has treated over 2700 patients diagnosed with COVID-19 who all fully recovered with zero deaths; and Thomas Renz, an attorney with many hundreds of COVID-19 lawsuits nationwide- successfully winning against medical tyranny. The first 35 minutes will shock you into reality!

After viewing the video consider studying the website

Scrolling down on this comprehensive website linked you will find a list of many articles related to the COVID ‘plandemic’ and how to access therapeutics such as Hydroxychloroquine [HCQ] and Ivermectin that have been proven to be highly effective, low cost, and avoid the risk of the experimental mRNA vaccines that in the interview above and in their essays on the website, are shown to be dangerous and more than suspect as to long-term adverse effects.

In searching for videos on Ivermectin I found so many that I would encourage those willing to wade through a great deal of disinformation to do your own research… ‘separating the precious from the vile’ [Jeremiah 15:19]. So why does the AMA, FDA, and NIH say that there is no evidence that Ivermectin has outstanding benefits especially in early treatment? It’s all about the money, control, and a hidden agenda.

How about this ICU Nurse who worked with hospitalized COVID-19 patients in 5 hospitals in New York & New Jersey. Please excuse her apparent nervousness; she knows her future is now in question. She is willing to lose her career in exposing what she found that would not allow her to remain silent [49 minutes long].

He is Faithful to rescue us when we seek and find the Truth

In the 2nd video interview linked above Clay Clark spoke of Klaus Schwab and his book “COVID-19… Global Reset”. All one has to do to find the extent of the nefarious totalitarian system that they are trying to implement worldwide, is to visit and study the encyclopedic website “World Economic Forum” at I have spent hours reading their strategic intelligence matrix which is quite fascinating and actually mesmerizing.. sad to say. When one registers he or she will be able to access their different planning platforms, although the intelligence wheel matrix and its many linked subjects is worth studying in depth, because it clearly cuts through the gordian knot of their ‘doublespeak’. These Luciferians have been planning this Global Reset for decades… and actually centuries going back to Adam Weishaupt and the beginning of the Illuminati which was formed in 1776. No, it’s NOT a coincidence that the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War began the same year.

When one sees the extent of their planning and how they have seemingly thought about every contingency in dealing with world issues, it is easy to see that they are willing to ‘sacrifice’ anyone or any nation that does not on the near term eventually submit to their global agenda. It includes a depopulation plan that COVID and other bioweapons are a substantial part of. If you haven’t heard of ‘The Georgia Guidestones’ [Internet search for full text of the multiple stones], see this image and know that their plan is a world of only 500 million people total, not the 7.5 billion that are alive today. That would demand eliminating 14 out of 15 people that are currently populating the earth!

Read top line- ‘Perpetual Balance’

Bill Gates’ ‘spiritual mentor’ is Marina Abramovic, an infamous satanist known for ‘Spirit Cooking’ …

Why is the patent on his vaccination protocol numbered ‘666’?

It is my informed opinion that we are NOT in the ‘Tribulation Period’ that is described in the Book of the Revelation [Chapter 13: 15 He was granted power to give breath to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak  and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed. 16 He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, 17and that no one may buy or sell except one who has  the mark or  the name of the beast,  or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom. Let him who has  understanding calculate  the number of the beast,  for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.]

Everything that is happening is a ‘shadow’ or template of what will happen in the future according the LORD Jesus Christ‘s own words in Matthew 24 & 25, which parallels seamlessly Revelation Chapter 6.

I cover in detail my view of the Last Days in a 4 part series that begins with ‘The Day of Christ… and The Day of the LORD’ which one can access on the side panel search field at a later date. What I strongly believe is on the near horizon is The Third Great Awakening that America and then the entire world will experience. After we survive this premature attempt by the NWO Globalists to force a totalitarian system on the planet, we will ALL experience an Outpouring of the Holy Spirit like nothing that any century has experienced! I will be writing a detailed post about why I firmly believe this in the near future.

He loves all of mankind, for every human was created in GOD’s Image and for His Glory! Sadly too many reject Him…

So what is the truth about COVID Survival Rates directly from the CDC? They admitted that the PCR Test that they still use gives a high percentage of false positives as Dr. Meehan stated in the interview. So why are they forcing anyone- especially children to vaccinate with an experimental ‘vaccine’ that has a human clinical trials ending date of Dec. 2023? Also the FDA has NOT approved the Pfizer vaccine, for when you read the fine print what was approved is a derivative of the Pfizer mRNA formula that is yet NOT available for widespread use. It’s all smoke and mirrors and the lawsuits are going to be in the millions by the time the world nations become aware of the criminal and heartless forcing of a therapy that is generating variants of increasing strength, while causing cytokine storms that damage bodily organs both short-term and potentially long-term… no one knows, but clearly they don’t care. It is after all about the money, authoritarian control, and their One World Governance agenda. Are YOU AWAKE YET?

What does the verified science show about ‘natural immunity’ once a person has recovered from COVID-19? In this linked article, Dr. Robert Malone who invented the mRNA medical technology makes a statement after an introductory paragraph:

‘Israeli researchers found that people in the country vaccinated with Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot were 13 times more likely to contract the Delta variant of the CCP virus and 27 times more at risk of symptomatic disease, compared to those who had recovered from COVID-19.

“It’s now been shown in that paper and others that the breadth of that immune response in terms of T and B cell memory populations is more diverse and more long-lasting than the breadth of immune response elicited by the spike-based vaccines alone,” [said] Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the class of vaccines based on messenger RNA…”‘

This short video goes into some detail of the Israeli findings as well as other proofs of ‘natural immunity’:

These additional websites are very valuable in answering the many questions that I and other truth seekers would have, avoiding the disinformation campaign of the New World Order Globalist- Rothschild/Luciferian agenda.

Many in the media and the medical profession have alleged that the mRNA vaccines are using fetal stem cell lines that are only from a few fetuses that date back many years. What is the truth? This Lifesite News video reveals the horrific truth…

QUOTE: “Dr. Stanley Plotkin is considered the Godfather of Vaccines. In a 9-hour deposition, he reluctantly admits the horrific facts and gruesome details about the relationship of abortion to vaccines.” Listen to Dr. Plotkin try to weasel out of stating the facts, when it is revealed that over 76 three months or older healthy viable babies were used in experimentation leading to vaccines. Organ harvesting was also done in these 76+ unborn children; the organs described would primarily have to be removed from much more advanced gestation periods… up to the third trimester! Any person who professes faith in Christ Jesus, or even one who is appalled by these facts must not submit to these damning injections! The alternative remedies are being suppressed to this day…

Dr. Simone Gold and a very large group of physicians are fighting for the preservation of doctor/patient relationships, and the right to prescribe therapies that are proven to effectively cure COVID-19 and other viruses- and of course all other needed medical procedures. Their website includes many videos and resources that address their legal battles and how people can receive evaluation and prescription of needed remedies such as Hydroxychloroquine & Ivermectin.


How does one protect themselves IF they have already been subjected to the mRNA vaccines– double or now triple dose? What are the adverse reactions and side effects, short and potentially long term that one may anticipate? This essay is a dialogue between several medical professionals who have successfully treated COVID-19 and other viruses safely and primarily in outpatient- non-hospital treatment. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko– a New York physician who has cured thousands in days with HCQ; Dr. Yeadon who was Pfizer’s VP & Chief scientist; and Professor MontagnierNobel Prize winning Virologist who discovered HIV. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko is a true hero in my book…

PLEASE NOTE: The detailed protocol that one must use to prevent serious injury or death of someone who has already been mRNA vaccinated, is in the bottom third of the complete essay. It is specific in its supplementation requirements, and emphasizes that drastic measures MUST be taken at the sign of ANY cold or flu symptoms. The reason being as described in clinical yet staggering terms is that those who are vaccinated will be the ones filling hospitals and morgues in the coming months and potentially years!

QUOTE: “As the mRNA disseminates through your vascular system, the cells lining your blood vessels begin producing spike protein. This is why we’re seeing such a staggering number of reports of people experiencing blood clots from these injections. According to Zelenko, 40% of these events occur within the first two days after injection. The risk then diminishes, but vascular events such as heart attacks, strokes, renal infarcts and pulmonary infarcts don’t completely peter out until about three months after the last injection. But these events of the past three months are not being reported to VAERS. It is, of course, possible that people simply aren’t connecting them to the COVID shot they got several months earlier.”

“Yeadon, Montagnier and Zelenko all believe the COVID-19 shots could reduce life expectancy by several decades, depending on several factors, including whether you’re required to get booster shots. In fact, there may be reason to suspect that many who get the jabs and subsequent boosters could lose their lives within two to three years, as a result of pathogenic priming.” Why aren’t their voices heard? Because they have been blacklisted! They are among doctors that are now suing the FDA and CDC for corruption and malfeasance.

What does The American Journal of Therapeutics say about Ivermectin? Read the very extensive study here:

A brief direct quote…


Moderate-certainty evidence finds that large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using Ivermectin. Using Ivermectin early in the clinical course may reduce numbers progressing to severe disease. The apparent safety and low cost suggest that Ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic globally.”

So please explain to me why the legacy and mainstream media are calling Ivermectin a horse de-wormer, when it was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine and has been used safely by millions of people worldwide without incident? Like the SS Nazis used to say, “If you tell a lie long enough, people will tend to believe it.”

The outstanding work of Dr. Pierre Kory, MD and his team of many physicians have also proven the outstanding efficacy of Ivermectin. Study their website which is also irrefutable in its apparent success in low cost and very gentle treatment results, again saving lives. Please note that Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter have de-platformed their videos- including United States Senate testimony from November of 2020… when over 200,000 lives would have been saved if their treatment protocol had been implemented in America, and not counting the rest of the planet suffering needlessly under this medical, pharmaceutical, political, media, and Big Tech tyranny.

What are the ingredients of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines? Why is this information still hidden from the general public worldwide? This video originated before Moderna & Pfizer were approved for ‘Emergency Use Authorization’ Dr. Carrie Madej, M.D. has been censored multiple times for presenting this evidence which is fortunately still available on Brighteon & Rumble [consider joining]. Please listen carefully to the entire 21 minute presentation. It is appalling!!

Sharyl Attkisson is a singularly outstanding Investigative Reporter who left CBS when that legacy news organization began restricting her ability to write the truth about many news-worthy stories that she uncovered. Her dedication to the reality that they sought to spin with their biased agenda caused her to launch her own website platform. She along with Sara A. Carter who likewise has her own website, and John Solomon of ‘Just The News’ are the three most honest and honorable reporters that I know of in a tough field.

I’m updating this post with her most recent summary of her chronological journaling of the many legitimate concerns about the COVID-19 vaccines, resulting in serious adverse reactions internationally that are causing many nations to rethink the entire pandemic response using these still ‘experimental’ vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, & AstraZeneca. Please review her data here:

Project Veritas has uncovered the truth about what doctors and nurses are saying about the mRNA vaccines, that they are not allowed to discuss under threat of termination. Consider signing up for video updates; See Part I here:

Update of Sept.28, 2021 [2]

Article reveals that in the UK now majority of COVID deaths are in the vaccinated population!

QUOTE: “In the UK, up to 80 percent of COVID deaths are currently coming from vaccinated people. COVID deaths across the UK are now 3,000 percent more frequent than they were at the same time a year ago, when the population was “unvaccinated.”

Doctors united in international protest against crimes committed due to pandemic!

QUOTE: “An international alliance of physicians and medical scientists has condemned the actions of all policymakers and politicians who imposed stay-at-home, social distancing, face masks and “vaccine” mandates, none of which are even scientifically valid let alone constitutionally justifiable.

Pestilence as a Sign of the End Times… BUT NOT YET!

Update of 9/29/2021

In this following article and heart-breaking 29 minute video attorney Thomas Renz presents the truth of the Medicare patients that have died in massive numbers when they received the mRNA vaccines:

Update of 10/2/2021 [2]

How about the ‘Vaccine Deaths Report’…Incomprehensible suffering perpetrated upon us while most of the nation remains silent:


“The data shows that we are currently witnessing the greatest organized mass murder in the history of our world,” the report states… Already, lawyers are networking to prepare class action lawsuits in response to the report’s finding. This is a global genocide in action and many, sadly, still believe that it is about “public safety.”

Dept. of Defense data presented in this 24 min. video by attorney Thomas Renz is shocking because it is incontrovertible evidence that the death rate is clearly increasing among the fully vaccinated! PLEASE LISTEN CAREFULLY

Update of 10/5/2021 [2]

Dr. Judy Mikovits has a doctorate in molecular biology, and has seen the best and worst of science. She has co-written several ground breaking bestsellers including, ‘Plague of Corruption’, ‘Ending Plague’, and ‘The Truth About Masks’. Her scholarship in exposing the profound corruption in the medical science community has blackballed her across many platforms. I have linked this current interview that she did with Mike Adams of Brighteon. Believe me when I say it will startle, anger, and hopefully motivate you!

It is entitled: “Dr. Judy Mikovits warns spike protein “vaccine” injections may kill 50 million Americans”

And Project Veritas does it again with James O’Keefe exposing Pfizer scientists in their own words in video admitting that natural immunity after getting over COVID is much more effective and long term than the ‘experimental’ jabs. They also admit that children should NOT be forced to be vaccinated due to potential harmful long-term effects. See short video here:

Update- 10/12/2021

“Patents Prove COVID Fraud & Illegal Dealings”:

Update- 10/24/2021

I had a Divine appointment on this date- while on Rumble, stumbling upon a full length documentary entitled “The Universal Antidote”. I was suspicious of such a sensational title but sensed an urgency to view the full presentation prayerfully. I was struck with awe and felt the Presence of the LORD in considering the science, the comprehensive data, and the many testimonials that people from all walks of life attested to the miraculous healing power of this simple mineral substance know as Chlorine Dioxide.

I remembered that President Trump spoke of this at a COVID Press Briefing in early spring of 2020- sometime after he also referred to Hydroxychloroquine, and both remedies were ridiculed and attacked mercilessly by the FDA, the CDC, the AMA, and Big Pharma. The media took great glee in belittling our President again, saying that he was promoting using ‘Bleach’ to cure the China virus! I can only tell you that the 1:49- minute presentation is seamlessly believable; especially with everything stated above in the evidence and data that I have presented that puts these organizations in question. Please view the almost 2 hour video with an open heart; note the sincerity of the persons interviewed, and review the science more than once to see that Chlorine bleach and Chlorine Dioxide as two totally different substances, and taken in the right formulation Chlorine Dioxide appears to truly be a GOD-sent healing substance. See the full video here:

Also take the advise given by the author and download the PDF that is offered, that you may follow the links to many related resources and scientific documentation that shows clear and compelling evidence that fully contradicts the lies that have been perpetrated against such a wonderful substance. It is noteworthy that the person who has done this great work provides it ALL for free! He is a Christian who feels he is on a mission from GOD that he spent over 2 years and countless hours completing this project which was finished this year~ 2021.

Update- 10/28/2021

This detailed report with videos from Global Research is damning. Even with the under-reporting of vaccine deaths and adverse reactions, estimated to be at most only 10% of actual numbers… it is staggering! PLEASE study the data, watch the videos- in particular the 20 minute video of Physician’s Assistant Deborah Conrad who reveals that she was blacklisted and her efforts suppressed by the medical facility that she worked at in Critical Care. We MUST be aware of how insidious this medical tyranny has become and realize that it is only getting worse:

Update- 11/2/2021

Please listen to this Expert Panel on Federal Vaccine Mandates and Vaccine Injuries put together by U. S. Senator Ron Johnson. Not only will you hear current data on how severe and numerous adverse reactions and deaths are directly related to the COVID vaccines, but personal testimonies of participants as to how their lives were in essence ruined by agreeing to receive these damaging drugs… that are NOT truly vaccines!

NOTE: The embedded youtube video that I originally posted Nov. 2nd was censored and removed by youtube some time ago. I looked on several other video platforms and did not find it until now; the entire over 3 hr. presentation is on Rumble. Cue forward to the 30:24 min. mark to begin the full presentation. I must tell you that it will bring you to tears of compassion and anger when you see and hear what these many people have suffered, including physicians’ personal testimony of the travesty that has been forced upon mankind! It is well worth your time…

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has just published a book titled “The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, & the Global War on Democracy & Public Health”. It is already listed as a # 1 Bestseller on Amazon! From the introductory description, QUOTE:

Pharma-funded mainstream media has convinced millions of Americans that Dr. Anthony Fauci is a hero. He is anything but.
As director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Dr. Anthony Fauci dispenses $6.1 billion in annual taxpayer-provided funding for scientific research, allowing him to dictate the subject, content, and outcome of scientific health research across the globe. Fauci uses the financial clout at his disposal to wield extraordinary influence over hospitals, universities, journals, and thousands of influential doctors and scientists—whose careers and institutions he has the power to ruin, advance, or reward.
During more than a year of painstaking and meticulous research, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. unearthed a shocking story that obliterates media spin on Dr. Fauci . . . and that will alarm every American—Democrat or Republican—who cares about democracy, our Constitution, and the future of our children’s health.”

Update- 12/1/2021

This 53 minute video interview of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny by Mike Adams of Natural News & Brighteon is a MUST STUDY! She exposes the current adverse reactions on four levels that are killing or will kill off MILLIONS of those vaccinated!

The illegitimate pseudo-President needs deliverance ministry!

Biden is an illegitimate president who has been designated now to complete the agenda that HRC couldn’t since she lost the Presidency to our legitimate President Donald John Trump. Hillary Rodham Clinton was tasked to complete the “16 Plan to Destroy America” [study meme below to verify], with Obama doing his worst during his 8 years of destroying our Military, our middle-class, shipping businesses and jobs overseas, giving our Internet Protocol to the U.N., and promoting racism at every turn. Thankfully he failed at pushing the U.N. Treaty that would have removed our 2nd Amendment rights and confiscated the guns of law-abiding citizens. Look at Australia & New Zealand!

They are all NWO Globalists that bow to George Soros and the Rothschild CB Cabal. THEY NEVER THOUGHT SHE WOULD LOSE! President Trump set their Global Reset back a great deal; now they’re in a hurry to complete their sinister plan in this current decade… IT WILL NOT BE!


Update- 12/3/2021 [2]

What is the peril of Graphene Oxide in the human body? What University level experiments have been going on for years to allegedly repair neural brain impairments? How is it that this substance is being found in the so-called vaccines? A quote from a South African doctor: “I found these graphene oxide structures in every single vaccinated person with symptoms. I was so shocked because what I saw in the patient’s blood, I also saw in the vial…”

This 50 minute video with Dr. Steven Hotze & Dr. Jane Ruby will further establish the diabolical nature of what the world is dealing with:

Again, all of this is being ignored AND suppressed by the powers that be, bought organizations and people in authority that are striving to reduce the human population dramatically!

[2 of 2] For all of us who have found the last two years full of grief, loss, and emotional and physical travail, this video will give you hope and encourage action in unity with those of like mind worldwide. There is now a growing movement of physicians, national citizens, and many alternative media platforms joining forces in resisting the assault on our personal and national liberties. The volume of verifiable data that shows that these faux-vaccines are dangerous and unwarranted grows daily.

This 50 minute video hosted by Steve Bannon- includes Dr. Peter Navarro, Dr. Robert Malone, originator of the mRNA technology, and includes Archbishop Vigano‘s bold call to launch a movement to fight the Globalist totalitarian agenda. Dr. Malone has always said that the mRNA protocol should NEVER be used to try to fight a virus- in this case COVID- because it will actually generate variants IN THE VACCINATED that will result in vaccine-resistant viruses! Please do watch the entire segment for there is great followup information that each of us can utilize to fight appropriately against ‘The Epic Spiritual Battle of the Ages’:

I could add more but believe that this is more than enough evidence that we have been lied to, completely deceived, and that there is a very evil plan in place where many participants are in it for the money… while others more nefarious have a Luciferian NWO Globalist agenda that they are forcing down our throats in increasingly sinister measures. Look at Australia and New Zealand, wonderful countries that are now under dictatorships with ‘quarantine’ camps being built rapidly and occupied by those who refuse the pandemic jabs. They took all their guns/weapons years ago- and now their authoritarian governments are brutalizing their own populace. And now videos of the jackboot brutality is being suppressed by Big Tech co-conspirators!

Search the Internet [International Vaccine Passport Protests] for the protests that MANY countries are experiencing in MASSIVE numbers- France, Italy, Spain, the U.K. and many other nations that have had enough with forced vaccines that don’t work and are resulting in permanent physical damage in great numbers! Vaccine passports, quarantines, and their efforts to imbed nanotechnology in our bodies to track us, are ALL being protested vigorously. We should all seriously question why these protest videos are NOT seen or reported on by the mainstream media and press. They must ALL be held accountable, prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

And yet most of these countries are socialist and don’t have our Constitution and Bill of Rights [including the 2nd Amendment] that will allow us to fight in court against this tyranny, hopefully before it gets violent. Our founding fathers were wise in warning us about government tyranny, though sadly our dumb-downed educational system in America has betrayed our younger generations into not knowing how very privileged America is. Here’s one of France, where again people have had enough!

We need Divine Intervention and a sober mankind that will join together and refuse this tyranny! May the LORD have Mercy on us all, in the Name of our LORD Jesus Christ, AMEN!

Let us remember what the Apostle Paul eloquently wrote in 2 Corinthians 10:4-6… 4 For the weapons of our warfare are not  carnal but  mighty through God  for pulling down of strongholds, 5 casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ, 6 and being ready to punish all disobedience when  your obedience is fulfilled.”

We have much to be hopeful for, but it will demand an understanding of what is happening and what is before us as we restore our Constitutional Republic and preserve our American rights and freedoms. May GOD continue to bless America as we return to Him in genuine repentance, confession, and calling upon the name of the LORD.

A very encouraging message recently was given by Pastor Tim Sheets at Oasis Church in Ohio. It’s titled “It’s Time For The Showdown”. Be blessed by what was imparted to this man of GOD by the Holy Spirit:

This Worship song and specifically the anointed lyrics give me great comfort and hope in trusting our Faithful ABBA Father, the LORD Jesus Christ, and the movement of His Holy Spirit among us all. Blessings to ALL, in HIM… ~Santos

“This Is Our GOD” … Hillsong


  1. Thank you. Very informative and helpful.

  2. Oh my goodness! God bless you, dear Santos, for the untold hours of study and work you committed to in order to organize and present this information so clearly. I thank Him for the vessel of honor you are– pouring out His Father heart of compassion for all people, Holy Spirit’s revelation truth and wisdom, and Christ’s redeeming grace and mercy. I pray and trust that many lives will be saved because of your act of loving obedience.

    • Thank you for your words of encouragement… you have no idea how much they are greatly appreciated. Since I posted this essay on Sept.16th there have been over 3600 views of it, which has hopefully blessed and challenged a great number of people. Unfortunately yours is only the second comment received, and also only ‘liked’ by two other bloggers on the link at bottom of post.

      I sincerely pray that many are sharing the information that is so critical for the time we are in, and what is coming on the horizon. Kingdom Blessings to you and your loved ones, Heidi… And may you have an awesome Holy Thanksgiving and Christmas Season, in HIM… ~Santos

      ps… Find on the right panel search field, ‘The First Thanksgiving’ and be in Holy Awe of how our Sovereign YHVH GOD has preserved our nation from its birth until right now!

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