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‘The Great “Awakenings”… Part I: A Crash Course In Global Tyranny’

The WHO, ‘Big Pharma’ & the Fauci/Gates Treason

As the medical tyranny arm of the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization is now seeking to establish an international ‘Treaty’ that will subvert national sovereignty and give the WHO control of ALL response to ANY medical emergency WORLDWIDE! PLEASE do recognize that the corrupt Biden administration is in full agreement and promoting the amendments that are to be voted upon this month of May. Without the Congress of the United States justifiably intervening, we could find ourselves under the boot of the WEF & WHO which can order lockdowns, quarantines, and forced vaccinations on a whim! This is part and parcel of their world governance plan, that they are in a desperate hurry to implement BEFORE the 2022 midterms this November, when the current administration will be hamstrung by a RED Wave Republican majority. See this very short video (3:58):

These three additional links will give you the action steps to sound the alarm as a concerned American citizen to all of our elected officials, before the end of May- to reject this unconstitutional subversion of our national sovereignty. When you read the detailed information, please know that our Congress has been oblivious to this until just recently. The recent legislative focus has been on the $40 Billion travesty of seeking to send money we have to borrow from China to Ukraine, the third most corrupt country in the world! Also our southern border crisis, inflation, energy and food crises, as well as the justifiable elimination of the unconstitutional Roe vs Wade abortion mill decision- have occupied much of the discourse on Capitol Hill. PLEASE help rescue our nation from this satanic global tyranny:

Not only does James Roguski present the Executive Summary of what is being sought under the cover of darkness, he includes EXTENSIVE evidence and related subversive reality information that cannot be denied! PLEASE STUDY PRAYERFULLY… AND TAKE ACTION!

2 Chronicles 7:14 IS Forever Operative!

Although there is some minor overlap, there are some very informative and expansive additional links and videos of prolific information that can be shared far and wide with our family, friends, associations, communities, etc. to inform America of what is being attempted. IT MUST NOT BE!

Our Congress In PrayerWith the Glory of the LORD Present
LORD Hear Our Prayers!

In this one James has formatted several different scripts that can be utilized to communicate the gravity of this issue with our elected officials. The time is short and besides these communications, our fervent prayer with fasting is critical in this hour. Consider I have found that strategic fasting catalyzes intercession like nothing else.

When ALL the Truth comes out, there will be Hell to Pay for these criminals!

To comprehend the extent of Propaganda that mankind has been victimized by, consider the encyclopedic work and ministry of Ty and Charlene Bollinger. I have viewed ALL eight 90 minute episodes of the current video series titled “Propaganda Exposed” and must say that each one is shocking and undeniable- since the Bollingers have included the necessary confirming data that prevents them from being subject to lawsuits, although they have been deplatformed for years since they exposed “The Truth About Cancer”. It will become abundantly clear that the CDC, FDA, AMA, WHO, WEF, and ‘Big Pharma‘ are ALL corrupt organizations and companies that are interested ONLY in profits at the expense of human lives. They have suppressed natural and homeopathic highly effective remedies that are very low cost, and have willfully caused the untimely deaths of innumerable people that suffered needlessly!

You can find their work here:

When you join their newsletter you can received the PDF book “177 Years of Medical Experimentation”. You will be appalled at what has been done in the name of research by people that care not about how damaged and catastrophic the lives of those they experimented on became, leading mostly to premature deaths.

6/17/2022 Update: Get ready to be thoroughly grossed out… The 45 microscope Photos in this article show so-called “blood clots” of ‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome’ deaths that defy science and medical history! There is no precedent for what is being found in these corpses; clearly reveals substantial evidence for immediate halting of ALL mRNA vaccines, International Criminal Court & U.S. Congressional investigations, followed by class action lawsuits against ALL the aforementioned criminal enterprises- including the FDA & CDC. PLEASE review intently:

Evil Personified

The truth has been suppressed for far too long; soon Military Tribunals will hold all these criminals and corrupt companies/organizations culpable! MARK MY WORDS!

And now Pfizer seeks to vaccinate babies from 5 months to 5 years, while their own research reveals massive permanent damage to these innocents

In the next Part II I will present the extensive evidence that Dr. Naomi Wolf and her team of 3000 medical professionals, researchers, citizen volunteers, and 250 attorneys are reviewing; 55,000 pages of hidden clinical data that Pfizer wanted held confidential for 75 years… UNTIL a Federal Judge ordered the company to make them all public- since November 2021. To say that the Adverse Effects are shocking is a gross understatement. ALL mRNA vaccines do far more harm than good… It will bring you to tears, believe me!

Let this Worship Speak Volumes to Your Troubled Hearts, as It does Mine

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